Money Gun Products You Should Know

If you want to be known for spraying wads of cash at a party, using a money gun or a money shooter gun is fancy.

Toy kids' websites show that the money gun wasn't invented for the purpose it is now used for. It is not uncommon to find people using it to spray cash at gatherings. You must have heard of the Supreme money gun. A few years back, Supreme manufactured a red money gun with its logo. These money-throwing guns have also been used in mainstream media.

What is the money gun?

This is a toy gun, also known as a money sprayer gun or machine. It shoots out paper like flyers and cash. The dispensation is quick, but the user can adjust the speed.

The money gun is not a complicated device. All you need to do is open the compartment's cover at the top and fill it up with wads of cash, paper, or fliers. After this, point to the direction you want the content dispensed, just like you do a gun with actual bullets. Finally, squeeze the trigger and watch your paper dispensed from the slot.

The money gun is great and not a complicated piece. Reviews about online shops selling toy guns show that money guns are among the most sought-after gun toys. However, it is not children who are using it to shoot wads of paper or fake bills in the air, but serious adults. But just like a bubble gun, they can be fun for kids.

Where can you get a money gun?

There are many online retailers selling money shooter guns. Some include Walmart, Firestar toys, Party city, TRarget, Amazon, etc.

Best money shooter guns

There are many types of money shooter guns on the market. Let's take a look at some of them.

1. Wowok Gold Money Guns Shooter

This is a gold money gun that shoots out cash. This device will certainly draw attention to you at a gathering once you step forward to make cash rain in the air. The gun has a great capacity and mechanic that can spray about 100 dollar bills at once. You can make some adjustments to make the device work the way you want.

Online retailers like Walmart, toynk toys, and Amazon are places to check for this remarkable product.

2. UO Chrome Cash Dispenser

This cash dispenser comes from the stables of Urban Outfitters, makers of unique items. This product is a Chrome money sprayer with the apt tag: "make it rain."

Online retailers like Walmart, party toyz, and Amazon are some places to check for this remarkable product.

3. LUYE Money Gun

The LUYE money gun is a pink money gun shooter that would stand out anywhere you venture with it. You will also get 100 paper bills when you buy this product. However, the batteries needed for its operation are not included. The LUYE money gun will cost you around $17.99.

4. Wowok Transparent Money Gun Sprayer

This product is different from the rest because it is a transparent piece. This will help you note how much cash you are left with to dispense. You will need 4 AA batteries to get the instrument working. The Wowok transparent money gun shooter costs $16.99.

Final Thoughts

The money gun is a fun instrument to use at gatherings when intending to spray some cash and arrest the attention of others in the process. However, it can also be a fun toy gun for kids.

By Mo