Bubble Guns to Buy For Your Kid

Seeing bubbles floating in the air is an excitement-inducing activity for kids? So why not check the local kids’ shops near you and get your child a bazooka bubble gun or a bubble machine gun and watch them play around excitedly?

Are Bubble guns safe?

Bubble guns are one of the safest gun toys. They are even safer than soft bullet guns. They do not pose any danger to your child. Unlike most other toy guns that use bullet-like objects, bubble guns use a liquid medium to produce bubbles that float and burst in the air. Thus, they are safe to play with.

Types of bubble guns

There are different types of bubble gun toys. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some may be big such as a rocket boom bubble gun, or small, for instance, a Gatling bubble gun. Some may even take the shape of imaginary creatures, as in a unicorn bubble gun.

Where can I buy bubble guns?

There are many places to buy bubble guns online. Retailers like Firestar toys and games, Amazon, Walmart, and toynk toys are some places to look. If you can’t find a suitable market, you can look at this joyasdechina review for more information that may be of help.

Bubble guns to buy for your kids

1. Joyin 2 Bubble Guns

This is a bubble gun toy kit with two bubble guns, each measuring 7.6×6.89×6.02inches, and AA batteries for easy operation.

There are also two bottles of bubble solutions in the kit. This will allow your child to play for hours non stop. The bubble solution is safe for use and won’t cause any harm. You can check Amazon, Walmart, Firestar, and toynk toys for this product.

2. Toysery Bubble Gun For Kids

This product is a dinosaur bubble gun that your kid would love. It also doubles as an automatic bubble gun since it has an automatic function that allows it to shoot hundreds of bubbles continuously. The package has an added bubble solution.

3. Joyin 3 Bubble Guns Kit

If you are looking for a bubble blaster gun, this product is a good fit. It comes with LED lights and is easy to use. The kit contains three bubble guns and six bubble solution refills. It is also accompanied by AA batteries for easy operation. You can look at popular online retail shops such as Amazon, Walmart, and Firestar for this product.

4. WisToyz Bubble Machine

This product is equipped with two bubble wands. This will give your kid the chance to make small and large bubbles. All you need is to dip the bubble wand into the bubble solution, and you will make an endless stream of bubbles.

The kit comes with two bubble solution refills. The product is sturdy and long-lasting due to its anti-slip handle and non-toxic ABS material. To operate the WisToyz Bubble Machine, you will need two AA batteries. The only downside is that you will need to obtain that yourself as they are not included in the kit.

5. Bamgo Bubble Gun Blower for Kids

The Bamgo Bubble Gun Blower comes with a soap solution and can produce about a hundred bubbles in a second, thanks to its quad barrel blower. The product is lightweight and leak-resistant. Your child will enjoy playing with this toy gun.


Bubble guns are fun toys for kids and are safe since they come with non-toxic bubble solutions. They are great for bringing out the best in your kids.

By Mo