Kids Delight: Soft Bullet Guns to Consider

However, toy guns are not as bad as many think they are.

Soft bullet guns are safe for use by children. They may have bullets, but they are not harmful but intended to simulate an actual firearm. There are numerous types of soft bullet guns on webshops for kids. Some include soft bullet gun 97, soft bullet gun 77, and soft bullet gun ak47.

If you wonder what type of toy gun your child would love, look no further than a soft bullet gun. This type of gun is fun to play with. And your young ones can get to express themselves as much as they want.

Where can I buy a soft bullet toy gun?

Many online retailers are selling soft bullet guns. You can try big names like Walmart, Amazon, joyasdechina, etc. You can also read this the tot review to see if they have interesting products.

Soft bullet guns to buy for your kids

Below are some soft bullet guns you can buy for your kids online.

1. Soft Bullet Foam Blaster Toy Gun

The Soft Bullet Foam Blaster Toy Gun comes with foam bullets. There are suction darts also provided in the kit. Your kids will enjoy this; firing soft foam bullets and suction darts ceaselessly. And one good thing is that children can play with this toy gun inside the house without destroying anything. This soft bullet gun toy is suitable for kids aged three and above. It is made from plastic and weighs 0.7kg.

You can keep your little ones busy with this toy while you do something else. One of the great features of this toy gun is that it can be used as a water gun. Thus, your kid can easily transition from shooting darts and softballs to shooting a continuous stream of water at imaginary objects. You can look at retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and goat guns to find this product.

2. Miniso Soft Foam Balls Toy Power Nerf Gun With 12 Balls

This soft bullet gun comes from the stables of Miniso. This gun has 12 soft foam balls and 3 cup-themed standing targets. The gun is made from a safe EVA foam material. This toy gun does not require batteries to work.

All you need to do is aim at your target and fire. This Miniso product can only take 12 balls. The muzzle is where you fill in the EVA balls, get the blaster ready and shoot by squeezing the trigger. It is an ideal toy gun for children aged six and above. The Miniso Soft Foam Balls Toy Power Nerf Gun weighs 0.5kg.

3. Shell Ejection Soft Bullet Pistol

The online store Csnoobs customize the Shell Ejection Soft Bullet Pistol. It is a soft bullet toy gun with an enhanced FPS. And this new version is made of nylon, not plastic. The shell ejection is also enhanced. New cartridges and darts have been included too.

This toy gun is 8 inches long and weighs 0.58 lbs. The gun’s magazine has a capacity of 8 pcs of darts. After every shot, all you need to do to release bullet shell casings is pull the gun slide. It is made of quality ABS material and is safe for use. It is ideal for kids aged five and above.

Alternatives for soft bullet guns

There are other toy guns that will interest your kids if you can’t lay your hands on a soft bullet gun. These alternatives include bubble guns, monster guns, water guns, splatter ball guns, etc.


We have looked at soft bullet gun products in this article. They are great gifts to give your children. We are sure you will find the right one if you decide to buy a soft bullet gun.

By Mo