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People have diverse views on normal and pathological sexual activities. Everyone is interested in sex. The most frequent sexual illnesses are homosexuality and sexual dysfunction. These illnesses are unique due to societal norms, yet they are not necessarily abnormal.

Sexual attraction describes patterns of sexual and romantic attraction. Normally, one pole draws the other, but not in this case. A person's sexual orientation may be abnormal for a variety of reasons. This issue may be caused by genes, the environment, hormones, or the brain itself.

Sexual dysfunction occurs when a couple or individual has problems during any stage of sexual engagement, including desire, arousal, or orgasm. Are you a man looking to improve your sexual lifestyle and activity? Then, you could try MyHixel. And if you are interested in knowing more about them, you can read candid reviews about them, here.

About MyHixel

MyHixel claims to be a market leader in the field of male sexual health. Their cutting-edge techniques they say provide clinically validated medical remedies for male sexual wellbeing. At MyHixel, their mission is to assist men and their partners in feeling more satisfied and content with their sexual life.

Patricia López is the founder of MyHixel. She was born in Seville and claimed to have worked in a variety of fields, including tourism and the sex technology industry. Indeed, after several years working for a top business in this space, she saw a dearth of solutions aimed towards boosting men's sexual well-being. This is one of the primary reasons she utilized her entrepreneurial abilities to establish MyHixel.

MyHixel aims to ensure that men experience complete sexual health and to that end, they brag they have made innovation and technology accessible to all men, and all of their solutions are founded on international pioneering research led by internationally known experts in sexology, medicine, and technical innovation.

Channels through which MyHixel can be Contacted

MyHixel is available on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on where customers can access them. For more information and updates customers and potential customers could look up MyHixel reviews or contact them via their email at or telephone at +34 622033474.

Products and Services of MyHixel

MyHixel provides two ejaculatory control options. MYHIXEL MED, a natural option for premature ejaculation, and MYHIXEL TR, an ejaculatory control solution that enables men to enjoy sex more. Additionally, they wish to meet every male demand linked to his intimate well-being by complementing their solutions with accessories such as lubrication, a cleaner for the MYHIXEL I devise, and MYHIXEL MAX, a natural supplement that they claim improves ejaculatory control.

MyHixel further claims that their Play MED & TR programs featured in their MYHIXEL Play app will teach their customers how to control their climax's physical and psychological components. Men gain control of their ejaculation with the app and device by understanding how their bodies and mind react in a fascinating space-themed setting. Each level is straightforward to navigate, with instructional films and explanations to assist them.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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