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Natalie Mills

Jewelry is fancy items worn for personal adornment. They include rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. They can be worn as a complement to the outfit or worn on the body like the earrings, pendants, and more. Metals such as gold, diamonds, copper, and others have been used to make jewelry. Gold has also been often combined with gemstones to form normal material for jewelry. Other materials that are not metallic but have been used to make jewelry include shells, corals, beads, amber, and even plant materials. It has a broader application. Currently, jewelry has been used to adorn almost every body part. It is worn as hairpins, nose jewelry, mouth, lips, genitals, and even toes. These are just a few application areas of jewelry. In the cultural setup, it was a status symbol. The most exquisite and expensive jewelry, made from gold or diamonds, could only be afforded by the rich in the society. Some jewelry is an artistic display, while others carry personal meaning or emotional attachment or even luck. Modern societies have also adopted it as wearable art. It is available in many jewel stores, and its prices vary respectively to price, quality, and quantity of the material used. Technology has made it easier to access these services.

About Natalie Mills

Natalie Mills is an online jewelry store based in Texas, United States. The company aims at providing women with affordable access to jewelry that matches their style and taste. The founder, Natalie Mills, has, for a long time, been passionate about jewelry since her young age. Each season the company designs new and fashionable jewelry collections. These collections come in different colors, settings, and plating tones. They focus on providing jewels to female clients at an affordable price. The company also engages in charity work, and women empowerment as a means of giving back. They support women by empowering them and helping them in self-actualization.

Products and Services of Natalie Mills

Natalie Mills Company offers a wide range of jewelry products, charity services, and women empowerment services. The company also dresses celebrities and brides. It has also opened a forum for brides to share their experiences and inconveniences caused when planning and wedding due to the current Corona Virus pandemic. They have a huge collection of designed fashion face masks. All updates on their latest trends and designs are emailed to their subscribers as soon as they occur. Pieces of jewelry sold by this brand include rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. The customer can also see trending collections or items. The company is also involved in giving back through its Natalie Gives Back program and Women Empowerment program.

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