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Lees hier onafhankelijke reviews, klachten en ervaringen. Wees op de hoogte waar u uw aankoop kunt doen of beoordeel zelf een winkel waar u een (online) aankoop heeft gedaan. Zo bepaalt tegenwoordig heel Nederland zelf welke winkels slecht en goed zijn.

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A kayak is a watercraft usually small and thin that is driven by a double-bladed paddle. The word Kayak means "man's boat." The Kayak used traditionally possesses a covered deck and one or more cockpit, each cockpits having one paddler. At times, the cockpit is covered by a spray deck whose primary function is to prevent water entry. It is recorded that the initial Kayak was used by the indigenous, Inuit, Yupik, Aleut, and also possibly in the subarctic areas of the world by Ainu hunters. The Inuit, who were the original developers of the kayaks, used it for hunting on the inland lakes, rivers, and oceans. The first kayaks were made from skins that were stretched over wood or bones. There were different boats made during that time. These boats served different purposes example, and The Aleut was used for hunting and transportation of people and goods. The boat's architecture was characterized by the length being three times longer than the size of the arm, while the width was similar to the builder's hips plus two fists. The depth was his fist plus the outstretched thumb. 

About Outdoorplay
Founded by John' Tree' Trujillo in 1995, outdoor play is a company that commenced as a one-person kayak school and at the time was located in his garage. The company specialized in conveying, world-class customer service, expertise, and instructions. The company quickly attracted a loyal client base in the Northwest and advanced into a thriving outdoor operation in Hood River, Oregon. Outdoorplay has grown to one of the biggest specialty outdoor retailers nationally. It offers a variety of kayaking gear, kayaks, and kayaking education. The use of the internet has expanded the company's reach. This exposure has enabled them to serve both online and offline consumers efficiently.

Products and services of Outdoorplay
Outdoorplay offers its clients with quality Kayaking gears, Kayaks, climbing equipment, and camping gear. It offers its products in various categories: Stand-up, Kayak, Rafting, men, Women, Camp and Hile, snow, Rack, climb, and brands. As far as Kayak is concerned, the products are in various groupings, including kayak layering, Kayak footwear, and Bags and cases, among others. The company has also partnered with different brands like Patagonia, marmot, kokatat, black diamond. Mountain hardware, among others. The company offers free shipping and seeks to satisfy its customers by enabling them to purchase at an affordable price. The company also ships internationally at an affordable price.

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Have you ever tried kayaking? Have you ever purchased any product from Outdoorplay? Did you experience any delay in the delivery of their products? How is their shipping policy? Were you satisfied with their customer support? How is their pricing? What's your opinion on the overall customer journey? Are you able to track your order? Would you recommend someone in need of kayaking equipment or services to Outdoorplay?Would you like to give you a tip, complaint or compliment? If you have used their products, leave a review on ReviewsBird.com.