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Hundreds of websites, both local and international brands, claim to provide customers with different kinds of home and office merchandise on the Internet. The Internet even made it easy to find all these brands through search engines like Google, Bing, and others. Finding a reliable brand on the Internet is not as easy as people portray it. How do you know if a company is trustworthy? How do you know if the product you will receive is not a substandard one?

Among the hundreds of home and office merchandise stores, there is one known as Peazz that provides customers with products that can be used at home and in the office. Now you know this brand, how do you know if they can be trusted? You can only find out by reading different customer reviews and evaluating the brand with each critic's feedback.

About Peazz

Peazz is an online retail company founded in 2004 and is dedicated to providing home furnishing and office supplies to its customers. The brain behind this company is named Tony Cheng, and the company has its headquarters in California in the United States. They are not the ones that produce the items they sell; rather, they sell a wide variety of products produced by more than 50 manufacturers. Peazz has other subsidiaries under it; this includes HomeGoodsCenter and JESCOSTORE, which serves as retail websites for the company. The company doesn't operate as a public organization; rather, they are private with many employees whose duty, as claimed by the company, is to help customers with any problem they may encounter as they shop on the website.

Products And Services Of Peazz

The website outlook of this company is simple and allows for easy accessibility to each category of product specified. They offer a wide range of general merchandise, from home and garden accessories to furniture and office supplies. Peazz home and garden products consist of wall de cars, wine goods, heaters, globes, fireplaces, clocks, lighting, photo frames, etc. They also have a lighting section where customers can get chandeliers, lighting kits, piano lamps, table lamps, lanterns, track lighting, outdoor lighting, and post lights. Peazz Furniture products contain benches, mirrors, parson chairs, side chairs, ghost chairs, end tables, bar stools, accent tables, and many more. There is also an office supply section that offers different office items, a toy and games section that contains chessmen, puppets, and other games, and a pet section that contains different items for pet owners. There is also a Peazz rug section that contains fun rugs, KAS rugs, and many others.

Peazz Delivery And Payment Options

Delivery services of Peazz are classified into 2 categories, free shipping and standard shopping. The free shipping can take about 5 to 15 days, while the standard shipping takes about 1 to 3 business days. Their refund policy specifies that customers can return any damaged or unwanted goods within 15 days of delivery. They don't accept payments from PayPal but major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. Customers with complaints and requests can reach this company through their direct chat or the following information below:

Phone number: 1-888-286-2347
Twitter: Tscshops

Compliments, Complaints, And Tips For Peazz

Have you made use of Peazz merchandise or any of their services before? If yes, can you describe the experience you had with them? The lighting supply they have, does it work perfectly? Do the materials used to make their products last long or not? Can you describe your experience with their customer service?

Importance Of Your Feedback!

By sharing your experience and feedback, you help other customers who intend to use the products and services of Peazz to know if they will provide a solution to their needs. There is no need to waste more time; leave an honest review on our platform right away.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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