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While it is not medically advisable to engage in self-medication, other medical practices do not necessarily need the conventional way of going to the hospital. A lot of people do not know that their blood tests and other tests can be done online through a means of telemedicine. The world of medicine has seen too many tides and vicissitudes; it has evolved, and as much as this is a safe evolution, we should go in that regard. That said, medical care reviews can put you on track to knowing certain online labs with local offices so you can cut out on the conventional hospital queue for hours. One of such is PersonaLabs, as brought to you by ReviewsBird. Let's take a look at their modus operandi and services.

What Is PersonaLabs About?

PersonaLab is an American online company with physical structures that offers telehealthcare, prescription services, medical testing, and consultations. It was founded in 2006 and currently has its headquarters in Fort Myers, Florida, United States. It has an estimated annual revenue of $5.0M to $25M and currently operates as an independent company. PersonaLabs was created to increase easy access to healthcare, slim down hospital traffic, and create conducive healthcare services for patients within their locality.

What Are The Products And Services Of PersonaLabs?

All the services of PersonaLabs roll on the fact that it is a company that operates independently and aims to give customers full control over their health by making provision lab tests for several patients. PersonaLabs offers medical services like blood tests; this includes HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, herpes, etc. They also make diagnoses for cancer, heart diseases, and autoimmune disorders. There are also better and more convenient options that allow a customer to purchase the test online while the company provides a lob order for you. After that, your specimens are taken at any of the company's 4000 lab locations in the US.

The company also provides prescription services after diagnosis to help with the ideal medicine to be on for better wellness. Other services include consultation services where anybody (not necessarily a sick person) can seek assistance from any company's physicians for therapeutic intervention or diagnostic studies to benefit such a person. The services of this company border on shortening the divide and creating a bridge between the people and easy healthcare accessibility.

Tips, Complaints, And Compliments Of PersonaLabs Company

The best way to get tips and know every company's quality and value are to have first-hand experiences with their customers, then take statistical records to know which of their takes rank higher. In light of this fact, we always solicit that PersonaLabs customers share their experiences with us. Were you satisfied with their medical products, advice, prescription, and diagnosis? From your experience, how would you suggest that they improve? In what areas of their services were you satisfied? Your customer review is of immense value to us, kindly do leave one. Your experience and feedback will help others know more about this company and if it is one they should patronize.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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