What To Look For In a Plus Size Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are now more popular than ever, even more popular than their heyday in the 90s. These mini-bags are making waves worldwide and every big fashion brand is trying to profit from their popularity.

Fanny packs come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. No matter what your taste is, there is a fanny pack for you on the market, you just have to look in the right place. There are fanny packs for kids, for men, hunting fanny packs, waterproof fanny packs, etc.

For plus-sized people, suitable clothes are often hard to find on the market. You need to look harder and better to find the right clothes for you and the same applies to fanny packs. Choosing the right fanny packs is important to allow you to join the fashion trend while also keeping you comfortable whenever you don the mini-bag.

Before going into what to look for in a plus-size fanny pack, let's quickly run through what fanny packs are and why they're so popular.

What are fanny packs and why do you need one?

Fanny packs are small mini-bags that hang around the waist. They became trendy in the 90s and people wear them as a replacement for big backpacks. While people continued to own and buy them, they went out of style for a while during the 2000s and stopped being mass-produced by the big brands, however, they are now back in style and are one of 2022's popular fashion trends.

There are many reasons you might want a fanny pack. They are comfortable, fashionable and very useful. They can serve different purposes and some are tailor-made for certain tasks like cooking, hunting, hiking, etc. Check out Von Holzhausen reviews if you're looking for an easy way to browse for fanny packs.

Things to consider when buying a fanny pack for plus size people

• Sizing:

This is the most obvious and important thing to consider when picking a fanny pack. Knowing your measurement is important because fanny packs come in different sizes and some belts are longer than others. A smaller fanny pack might be too tight and uncomfortable to wear while a fanny pack too big might feel too loose. If you want a fanny pack that isn't the right size, you can always buy a plus-size fanny pack extender.

• Adjustable strap

The best fanny packs for plus-size people all come with an adjustable strap. This is even better than finding one your perfect size because you can adjust this fanny pack to as right or as loose as you like and it can also accommodate for any weight loss or gain in the coming months after you purchase it. Also, the adjustable strap helps you wear the fanny pack in a lot of ways. You can wear it in the classic style across your waist but also across your body. If you're looking for a place to buy great fanny packs with adjustable straps then check out Browns Fashion!

• Reason for buying

You should always consider why you want a fanny pack before buying because some fanny packs are designed to fit different purposes. For example, you want a family pack you can use for hiking, you'll want one with a big compartment you can fit supplies like water bottles and other things you'll need. Or perhaps you want one for school, then you'll need one long enough to fit books and other school items. The same applies to other types of fanny packs like fashion fanny packs for outings and events and hunting fanny packs for hunting and camping.

• Durability

A plus-size fanny pack needs to be durable for lots of reasons. For starters, you have regular reasons like being able to withstand conditions like sunlight, rain, etc without the material becoming loose or wearing off. Some materials that aren't durable enough begin to wear and tear after a while which can leave your items in them at risk of exposure, you want to make sure your fanny pack is strong and can last you for a long time.

Also, your plus-size fanny pack needs to be able to withstand stretching. Packs without extender belts can be tight around the waist area, so ensure the belt that comes with it is sturdy and won't rip. Have a look at Mclabels for some durable fanny packs They have a huge selection of fanny packs for you to choose from!


Finding the perfect fanny pack for plus size people can be a bit tedious. There's many things to consider and not as many options on the market. It is important to know your size first and foremost to enable you to narrow down your options. Once you have size sorted out, the rest of your fanny pack shopping should be easier. Read the guide and happy fanny pack hunting!

By Mo