Shopping Guide to Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are back in style! And this time, it looks like they're here to stay for good. Yes, this isn't the first time fanny packs have taken over the fashion scene. They first became trendy in the 90s, and at the time it felt like they were being worn by just about everyone. You could even see them on red carpets.

A lot of fashion trends from the 80s and 90s are coming back into style lately, so maybe it's not that big of a surprise that the fanny pack is back in stores. What is surprising though, is just how much it's trending. The fanny pack craze has reached heights far greater than it did in the 90s and now all the big brands are on the trend producing different kinds of fanny packs for men, women, and kids.

In case you're not up to speed with the fanny pack trend, this guide will tell you all you need to know about fanny packs or belt bags as you may know them.

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What are Fanny Packs?

Fanny packs are small bags worn around the waist or bum which people use as a substitute for shoulder bags to carry around small items. You may know them as belt bags, waist packs, or bum bags but they all look the same; they're small bags worn around the waist.

A big difference between modern fanny packs and the ones that were sold back in the 80s is the variety. Back then they were bland and casual accessories and were considered nothing more than tourist tropes. However, with their newfound popularity, fanny packs now have a diverse market in the fashion industry. Fanny packs for women and men now come with a lot more glamour than they used to.

Types of fanny packs

• Casual fanny packs

Casual fanny packs are the basic fanny packs that were in vogue back in the 90s. Just like the name implies, these are fanny packs you wear casually with no purpose other than fitting valuable items. Casual fanny packs are the most basic types of fanny packs, hence they're often the most inexpensive.

• Tactical fanny packs

Tactical fanny packs are mainly used by law enforcement. They are designed to be light in weight while also being deep enough to carry stuff a law enforcement officer might need like a gun or cuffs. They are designed for use in extreme situations but they are still a popular fanny pack choice for regular people due to their functionality. They come with many compartments to fit your items while being easy to carry around.

• Hiking and camping fanny packs

Tactical fanny packs could pass for camping and hiking. Many people use them for those reasons but there are also fanny packs made specifically for the outdoors. These fanny packs are a bit bigger than tactical fanny packs with deeper compartments as they are made to fit camping and hiking essentials like water bottles, binoculars, maps, and lots more.

• Clear fanny packs

Clear fanny packs are a customer favorite. They are plastic see-through waist bags that allow you to see their contents. While they aren't everyone's cup of tea, clear fanny packs are very useful in certain situations. For example, the number of stadiums, cinemas, and other public places with clear bag policies is increasing daily. Also, they are handy for travelers who don't want to empty their bags for airport security. The material used to make clear fanny packs also means they are very often waterproof fanny packs as well.

• Designer fanny packs

Designer fanny packs are the most noticeable difference between old-school fanny packs and the ones we see now. These are the creme de la creme of fanny packs and are very different from the high-end ones of the 90s.

Today's fanny packs are a lot more fashion-oriented mainly due to the interest big fashion brands have taken in the product. Their popularity among customers has urged some of the most influential design companies to dip their toes into the fanny pack market.

Some of these companies include:


Supreme is often branded as a streetwear brand, but their fanny packs are just as stylish as those from popular high-end brands like Louis Vuitton. Their iconic white lettering is a great fit on fanny packs and they were some of the first designer packs to hit the market. Supreme makes great kid's fanny packs and you can get them at a generally lower price than you would get from other A-List fashion brands.


Gucci mixes its iconic and classy designs with the fanny pack to create some of the most in-demand products on the market. The Gucci fanny pack has Gucci's deep color pallets which you usually find on their other products and it works to perfection.

What this gives customers is the perfect designer bag which can also be matched with other Gucci products if you want to make the ultimate fashion statement. Gucci's products can be gotten on their website and are on the expensive side of the scale, but that's the price for quality!


Adidas, alongside Nike, is probably the most recognizable brand in the sporting world. They have deals with the world's biggest athletes and franchises but their products aren't just limited to boots and soccer shirts. Adidas and Nike are also household names in the fashion industry and are some of the big brands capitalizing on the fanny pack craze.

Their take on the fanny pack stays true to their identity as sports companies. They create the perfect fanny packs for sporting activities like jogging, hiking, gym, etc.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton takes designer fanny packs to a whole new level with its classy designs and unique branding. Their fanny packs are sturdy due to their thick leather and the bags are adaptable with adjustable straps.

Louis Vuitton fanny packs can be worn for fashion purposes but are also great for casual wear. They usually have compartments big enough to fit items like phones, books, and water bottles comfortably. Their customized bags are also popular.


Just like you would expect from any Prada product, Prada fanny packs are all about sophistication. Their belt bags don't have the range of some of the other big brands but they are reliable and durable. The adjustable straps on their bags also make them perfect plus-size fanny packs and their simple design makes them a match for almost any outfit.

Why should a fanny pack be part of your wardrobe in 2022

1. Fashion

Fanny packs are a big fashion trend this year and adding one to your wardrobe is essential. Fanny packs have a wide variety so no matter what your wardrobe looks like, or what your fashion sense is, there is a fanny pack for you. Fashion goes way beyond red carpet events; don your fanny pack at your parties with friends and at the back this summer!

2. They're comfortable

Besides the obvious fashion benefits, fanny packs are a comfortable alternative to shoulder bags. For kids, in particular, comfortability is important, and substituting big heavy school bags for fanny packs is a move many parents are making.

3. Fanny packs are great travel buddies

Fanny packs are also very handy during travel. Travelling can be tedious especially if you're not properly organized and having a fanny pack with you can help you better organize your vital items. They are a good place to keep items like your passport, phone, boarding pass, and lots more. Getting a clear fanny pack can also save you the stress of unloading your entire bag for airport security.

4. They help with clear bag policy

Clear bag policy is becoming more and more mandatory at public places like stadiums and cinemas and concerts. This is done for security and health reasons and a clear fanny pack is the best way to carry around your valuables while not violating the clear bag policy.

5. They're handy for lots of situations

Finally, they're just handy to have with you. Whether you're jogging, camping, going to the movies, etc there's no real substitute for the fanny pack as it allows you to carry around items without the stress of a bag over your shoulder or in your hands.

Get a fanny pack this year and join the fun!

By Mo