Brand Guide to the best Men's Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are back! Gone are the days of carrying big backpacks around just to fit in little items, fanny packs have returned to save the day.

Fanny packs used to be very popular in the 90s. There were fanny packs for men, women, and kids everywhere. The casual mini bags were comfortable to carry around and more importantly, they mean we don't have to carry around big packs just for small items like books and phones. However, they went out of style for a while but are now back trending harder than ever.

They are no longer just casual bags, they are now a big part of the fashion industry. People now wear them to big fashion events and you can even spot some at celebrity red carpets. Due to their popularity, big fashion brands have dipped their toe into the designer fanny pack market.

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Here are some big brands producing the best fanny packs for men:


Adidas is arguably the biggest sports brand in the world. They sponsor some of the world's most popular sports teams and athletes and have a wide range of athletic products in their stores. But they aren't just exclusive to sports, Adidas is a big fashion brand as well. They make shoes, tracksuits, jackets….and fanny packs!

Their fanny packs for men are great because they add a touch of sports to their fanny pack so you can take them to the gym, hiking, jogging, and other sports activities. The iconic Adidas stripes are also good for making a fashion statement as you can wear your pack to match tracksuits or other Adidas clothing.


Balenciaga is a large fashion company, so it's really no surprise they make fanny packs and they make them incredibly well. Balenciaga fanny packs are designer products made to match some of your best outfits and they're very popular among celebrities for this reason. If you're looking for designer fanny packs for men, Balenciaga is the way to go.

They also have one of the best color ranges for fanny packs. They have a good mix of bright colors and dark colors and even make some multicolor bags by mixing colors like black and red to give customers great fashion options. Just like Mirta bags are popular for women, Balenciaga fanny packs are popular for men.

Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger brings the nostalgic feeling to men's fancy packs with their designs being great throwbacks to the trendy fanny packs of the 90s. But they also have a touch of modern fashion to them making them a great choice of fanny packs for women as well and not just the guys.

Tommy Hilfiger men's belt bags packs are also relatively cheap and easily accessible and you can get them in all sorts of places from to the Tommy Hilfiger website and other bag and fanny pack vendors. They also come in great colors and are a perfect fit for a fashion statement as well as a casual outing.

Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton takes the designer fanny pack to the next level with their classy branding and design. Their fanny packs offer a compact design and also have the flexibility that comes with their adjustable bag belts. They are also made of sturdy material and are some of the best leather fanny packs for men.

Louis Vuitton fanny packs can be worn for fashion purposes but are also great for casual wear. They usually have compartments big enough to fit items like phones, books, and water bottles comfortably. Their customized bags are also popular.

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By Mo