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Are you tired of having to run around cleaning up after your dog? Are you at a loss for ways of training your puppy? Do you need assistance and advice on the best ways to get your dog to behave? Pupford offers resources and products that relate to all things pups. Have a look at the previous customer reviews of Pupford to know what customers thought about their products.

About Pupford

Pupford is a company centered around giving care to dogs. It was founded to help pup parents. Their dream is to provide pup parents training and nutritious products that would go a long way in raising a puppy. The founder has also undertaken a foster project where she takes in various dogs that need tender loving care before being adopted by families. The team at Pupford is made up of more dogs than humans, as they value dogs. They believe that a dog requires meaningful relationships as much as any man or woman.

What products does Pupford sell?

Pupford sells potty pads, potty training packs, bark packs, favourite and snuffles packs, training treats packs, chew packs and more. The company also offers various packages of training services at pupford academy monthly, pupford academy semi-annual plan and pupford academy lifetime access.

Moreover, pup parents can sign up for courses to raise a healthy, joyous and well-behaved pup. These include; 30-day perfect pup-free class, a new dog starter course and others. Don't want to commit to a course? There are podcasts available on the site named 'Perfect Pup podcast' where you can log in and listen to audios on attaining the well-trained dog status. There is also the free training app that can take you through the steps of training as you bond with your pup. Is your pup anxious? Pupford has training and desensitization sounds that might be the perfect fit for you.

Shipping and dropping services of Pupford

Pupford does shipping to mainland United States, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada via UPS. The shipping charges start at a cost and depend on the product bought. The charges are typically higher for customers in Hawaii, Alaska and heavier orders.

Although shipping is not free for those using auto-ship, they get a discount on their orders. Shipment typically begins after 1-2 days when the product is released from Pupford's warehouse in Utah. For deliveries within mainland United States, it takes 2-4 days. For areas in Hawaii, Alaska and Canada, it takes 4-9 days. You can track your order by checking your email for shipment confirmation that comes with tracking information.

Return and exchange policies of pupford.com

If your pup, for any reason whatsoever, dislikes the purchased product, Pupford offers the option of contacting them for a refund or credit.If the item is returned within 30 days, unopened, and in the correct packaging, the company will offer a full discount.

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Do you know the treats you can give your dog? Read the previoUS-Reviews of Pupford to know more about this.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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