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Ranch Guitar

Everyone loves music. Music is the sole source of entertainment in the universe. The spirit of music is in everyone and can manifest everywhere, at any time. This music calms our emotions and makes us happy in different situations. Ranch Guitar is out to give you quality guitars and ukeleles to heighten the spirit of your music. When you are searching for a good guitar or Ukelele to purchase, ReviewsBird is here to help you choose which suits you best.

ReviewsBird gathers reviews on numerous brands, such as Ranch Guitar, which deals with quality Musical instruments. Browsing through the customer reviews will quench your curiosity about the legitimacy of Ranch Guitar. Now, what is all about Ranch Guitar?

About Ranch Guitar

Ranch Guitar was founded in 1993 with the brand name Ranch, located in Findlay, Ohio, United States. It started primarily as an online company whose primary focus was manufacturing guitar parts. The company expanded and began to produce high-quality gears for Wholesale dealers, Musicians, and DIY builders.

Ranch Guitar aims to create an experience in music and performance. They are dedicated to producing musical instruments such as guitars and ukuleles. The 17 years of experience of Ranch Guitar built up higher into creating more innovative and outstanding instruments.

Products of Ranch Guitar

Products of Ranch Guitar are varieties of Acoustic/electric guitar, Ukelele, Violin, Bass, Banjo and Chromatic tuning modes, Tuner clip, Tongue drum, and Ranch Ukulele strap, Ranch Ukelele Pickup Piezoelectric Dual-system Acoustic Pickup, Soprano Ukulele Ranch 12 and other products. Their collection ranges from Kalimba to Ukelele, Steel drum, guitar instruments, and instrument accessories.

Payment, Shipping, and Delivery Services of Ranch Guitar

Payments for Ranch Guitar products can be issued via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. Ranch Guitar only ships to the USA. Bulk orders are shipped to their CA warehouse, while Amazon handles most orders. It takes 3-5 days to receive delivery if orders are shipped through Amazon.

Though, it sometimes takes 1-10 days for Amazon to process/handle the order. There is free shipping and 2-days expedited shipping options. The cost of the 2-days expedited shipping is based on the product’s size and weight. Ranch Guitar is also not responsible for customs fees.

Returning/Exchange Policy of Ranch Guitar

Contact Ranch Guitar Sale Service for any return of damaged or defective purchased items. Items are to be returned in their original condition to Ranch Guitar, and a refund will be issued, excluding the shipping and handling charges.

Items returned not in their original packaging, manuals, or warranty is subjected to a return handling fee or a re-stocking fee. Products that are damaged from the source can be exchanged. Items purchased online can be returned to the Ranch Guitar warehouse. Customers are responsible for paying for the shipping cost for returning items, and the shipping fee is not refundable.

Tips, Compliments, and Complaints about Ranch Guitar

Still, tuning in your new Ranch Guitar product? What item did you purchase? Does the product feel comfortable in your hands? How satisfied are you? Will you recommend Ranch Guitar to a friend? Share what you think about Ranch Guitar products and services with Ranch Guitar reviews. Your experience and feedback will guide other customers.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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