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ROAM Luggage

Personalization, even for luggage, is one of the things that a customer loves. Are you looking for an online company that provides luggage customized to your taste? Many companies offer such services but finding one of them that is reliable and fast can be a huge problem. How do you know if the luggage you customized will be exactly how it should be? Are you sure if the quality of the materials that were used in making the luggage is of good quality? Candid reviews of previous customers do a good job of providing important information about a company.

About ROAM Luggage

ROAM Luggage is a company that was established in 2019 by the former executives of another luggage-producing brand TUMI. The founders of this company created it because they didn't want a company where customers are not allowed to dictate how their luggage box should look. So they created ROAM Luggage to help their customers to personalize their suitcases and other types of luggage boxes to match their personalities. After their customers are done choosing how their suitcase should look, the company now assembles and then from the United States.

Products And Services Of ROAM Luggage

This company's major services offer different types of luggage, including personalized ones. The ROAM Luggage collection, according to the company, enables its customers to stand out from the crowd. Their collection is mostly divided into a carry-on, large carry-on, check-in, and large check-in. They also offer expandable carry-on and check-in that can expand considerably whenever a customer needs it. ROAM backpacks are designed with features and colors that the brand claims set people apart from the crowd.
They come in different styles, from the downtown, the metropolitan, and the continental. Customers also have the option to customize their bags the way they want. Travel kits by ROAM Luggage are made to allow customers to carry portable items they might need as they explore the place they are traveling to. Other items this company sells include totes and duffels, each of which comes in different designs.

Additional Services Of ROAM Luggage

Another thing that this company offers is packing pods made by ROAM. These packing pods are made to fit into a carry-on to help conserve space inside the carry-on. There is a design gallery where customers can draw inspiration whenever they design their luggage. This company can only ship around the United States by offering different delivery options such as ground delivery, expedited delivery, and overnight delivery. The company offers customers about 100 days to try their product, and if it is damaged, they can return it to the company.

Compliments, Complaints, And Tips For ROAM Luggage

Have you purchased a carry-on from ROAM Luggage in the past? If yes, can you kindly describe your experience buying an item from this company? Did the luggage you bought have an unrepairable problem after using it for a few weeks? Was the packing pods provided by this company helpful? Please drop a customer review or feedback on our platform.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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