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Rogue Royalty

As a pet owner, it is almost impossible to find a store that has it all. The stress of searching from one place to another for their feed, training, accessories, supplements, etcetera without compromising their health can never be over-emphasized. All this and more you can find at Rogue Royalty. You can read customer reviews to get an insight into the quality of their products.

About Rogue Royalty

Rouge royalty was founded by Wendell van jour in the year 2009. It is located in the heart of Campbelltown, Sydney, Australia. At Rouge Royalty, they use natural, non-toxic materials in the production of dog collars, treats, leashes, feed, weight vests, skincare, and others, to ensure the satisfaction of their customers.
The health and well-being of dogs are of utmost importance to them, alongside their comfort and safety. They aim to produce the finest quality of products out there.

Products and Services of Rogue Royalty

Dog collars are a go-to when taking a walk with your dog. When used together with a leash, it ensures your dog does not run around chasing other animals on the streets or roadside. It assures passersby that your dog is kept in check. You can add a tag with the necessary information and your dog's medical history in case they ever go missing.

Collars you can find at Rogue Royalty’s store include; dog collar - imperial dusky pink and rose gold, dog collar – iced out rose gold, dog collar – crystal rose slim fit, dog collar – braided black/brass, dog collar beaded, brown and silver leather dog collar – “ruffneck” and so on.

At Rogue Royalty, you will find dog harnesses of different colors, textures, sizes, styles, and to fit your need and dog’s specification. Padded inserts supatuff harness, dog harness-supatuff heavy duty camo, dog harness – quick fit dog walking harness, dog harness – supatuff slim fit desert wolf and the like are examples of harnesses you will find at their store.

A dog leash is an important accessory for dogs. It is used along with harnesses or collars. Below are leashes available at their store; chain leash, chrome link dog chain leash, dog-leash imperial purple leash line, dog leash- ruthless black and rose gold leash, etc.

Additional Products and Services of Rogue Royalty

Rogue Royalty also runs a blog that gives their customers and interested pet owners lots of information on their products. They tell them the benefits, how and when they should use their products, and educate them on better approaches to care for their favorite companions.

Other products you can find at Rogue Royalty’s store include; beefy collagen chews, all-natural leather balm, chicken organ jerky, complete care and repair pack for skin issues, and others.

Rogue Royalty’s return policy

allows you to return products within 7 days of delivery.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Rogue Royalty

Have you tried out Rouge Royalty? Were you satisfied with the quality of their product? How would you rate their services? We will like to know these and more. Do not hesitate to leave a Rogue Royalty review stating both the positive and negative aspects of their store. Your customer experience and feedback will aid other dog owners to make better decisions on where to get the best accessories their pets deserve.


unit 1, 49 Blaxland Road
2560 Campbelltown
unit 1, 49 Blaxland Road

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