What Are The Best Samsung TV Black Friday Deals?

With Black Friday getting closer it is a great time to investigate the deals different electronic companies will be offering. ReviewsBird.com can assist you to explore these companies, making your online shopping experience an enjoyable and beneficial one.

Samsung is a well-known brand for its smart TVs with impressive quality and capabilities. Discounted Samsung products make their rounds in the Black Friday TV deals from a variety of retailers and from Samsung themselves.

What Makes Samsung TVs Special?

Samsung has a wide range of TVs to fit anyone’s requirements, both in size and in price. These TV sets come in a variety of sizes from 32-inches to 85-inches. Each one carries Samsung’s quality assurance.

Many of their TV sets use QLED technology. This is Samsung’s approach to many of the competitors using OLED. QLED (quantum dot LED) technology uses a layer of quantum dots to enhance the contrast and colour of the display to make the viewing crystal clear and smooth. The QLED technology integrates with 4K resolution and HDR to boost the effects and bring the brilliance of real life to your screen.

Using this technology and a cleverly designed frame, many Samsung TVs can be mounted on the wall and simulate a painting on the wall. This gives your living area atmosphere and ambience, especially if you have one of the larger screens.

Most TVs use 4K resolution in combination with HDR (High Dynamic Range) to provide a viewer with a high-quality image that has impressive 3D depth and colour contrast. This is achieved with a high quantity of quality pixels working together to give you the best display possible.

This sounds quite exciting and it would be worth the extra cost that comes with this technology. Many users agree that the price is worth it for one of these smart TVs. Provided that the content you watch is compatible with 4K and HDR. If your content (what you are watching) is not compatible then having this technology will not benefit you and the cost may not be worth it.

Looking at the variety of Samsung electronics that are on offer, it is reasonable to trust the brand when looking for smart TV deals this Black Friday.

Samsung TVs Black Friday Deals

Whilst the current Black Friday deals have not been officially released for the ranges of Samsung flat-screen TVs, using the trends and discounts from 2021 can provide you with a fair idea of what the sales are going to be like this year.

2021 Black Friday saw many retailers and brand stores offering large discounts, some even up to £1800! The average prices for mid-range TVs at retailers like Currys, Amazon, and Walmart seemed to be under £600. Some of these deals included:

  • Samsung AU8000
    • 43-inch TV
    • 4K
    • HDR
    • Under £500
  • A range of 65-inch Samsung TVs
    • 65-inch TV
    • 4K
    • HDR
    • Under £600
  • Samsung AU9007
    • 43-inch TV
    • 4K
    • HDR
    • Under £500

There were discounts of up to £300 on new models during the 2021 Black Friday weekend. It is probable that 2022 will see many new models with similar discounts. However, the biggest discounts will likely be on the 2020/2021 models. These models are good quality and will fulfil your viewing needs. Looking at some best buy reviews will help you narrow down the TV for you.

In 2022 there have already been sales during the year which Samsung TVs at retailers like Walmart. These sales have seen some TV sets like the NeoQLED QN95OB with a discount of £89. This does raise hopes for a variety of 70-inch TV deals, and other model deals this Black Friday.

Let’s go shopping!

One of many retailers, Walmart’s TV Black Friday deals can not be ignored. The best way to prepare yourself is by becoming familiar with the model you are interested in and then looking at the best outlet to get your Samsung TV and maybe even a Samsung laptop! Knowing which Samsung TV you want will help you make the most of the Black Friday specials this year.

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