Best Walmart TV Deals in 2023

When looking for Black Friday TV deals Walmart is one place that you should be looking. There are many Walmart TV deals waiting for you to find them. will assist you with your search for the best TV deal for you.

Online shopping through various electronics companies can become overwhelming, this can be made a little easier by starting to look at the companies one at a time. This article will focus on Walmart.

Black Friday 2022 At Walmart

The Black Friday weekend will start on the 25th of November this year. However, Walmart might start offering discounts a lot earlier than that.

Walmart started its Black Friday deals in 2021 on the 3rd of November. They offered a spectacular three-part event that involved three weekends with specific specials each weekend. These weekend specials peaked over the Black Friday weekend, culminating with Cyber Monday. These specials were open to all Walmart+ members.

There is a high likelihood that Walmart will repeat something similar this year. It would be advisable to investigate becoming a Walmart+ member to make sure that all their Black Friday deals are open to you.

Walmart Black Friday TV deals have previously seen 50% discounts on various 4K TV sets. During 2022 they have had other sales where 50% and more have been offered. It is more than likely that these types of deals will be offered during their Black Friday sales.

An advantage of shopping at Walmart is that they will be offering Black Friday discounts on home decor as well, meaning that you can purchase a TV stand or display for a discounted rate. All of these discounts can be followed in Walmart’s circular which is released weekly.

TV Deals at Walmart

Walmart offers customers a variety of brands such as LG, Samsung, Hisense, TCL, Philips, and more. These brands host a wide range of TVs. Different sizes, capabilities, and specifications are lined up in-store and online for you to peruse and find the best deal.

From 32-inch TV deals to 70-inch TV deals to 85-inch TV deals - Walmart has it all.

When you are looking at the models you might be interested in you should take the following into consideration:

  • Size

What is the space you have at home? Which size will suit your living space and personal tastes the best?

  • Specifications

The larger the size, the higher the specifications are. This is something to consider as higher range specifications usually mean higher prices. Specifications such as 4K, HDR, OLED, and QLED are all possibilities that you need to decide if you need or not.

  • Usage

Depending on what you are using the TV for most will also help you decide on the best TV. Bigger screens work well for someone who uses the TV a lot. Making sure there are HDMI ports and high enough processing speeds would be important for those connecting up a Playstation or Xbox for gaming.

Once you know the basics you can choose between the different models Walmart has to offer. Using Walmart TV reviews could help you decide whether Walmart is the outlet for you.

Walmart stocks Samsung TVs and these should also be included in their Black Friday deals. This will be a good opportunity to get an affordable Samsung TV. Using Samsung TV reviews will add further information than this article to help you.

Samsung TVs available this Black Friday:

  • Samsung UN65TU7000B
    • 65-inch TV
    • 4K
    • HDR
    • UHD
    • Smart TV
    • 2022 sales have had this set under £500
  • Samsung UN70TU7000
    • 70-inch TV
    • 4K
    • HDR
    • UHD
    • Smart TV
    • 2022 sales have had this set under £800
  • Samsung TU7020 (2021)
    • 75-inch TV
    • 4K
    • HDR
    • Smart TV
    • 2022 sales have had this set under £1000

There are many other brands on offer at Walmart, using the Walmart circular or website is a good way to investigate the different models they have.

Let’s go shopping!

Being prepared for Black Friday deals will be important to ensure you get the best deal for you before the stock runs out. Looking at reviews and guides for best buy electronics or following the individual outlets, like Walmart’s, own publications will make sure you are ready to shop the sales to get what you need.

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