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Clothing has become more than covering nakedness; it is now about identity, beauty, and fashion. The cloth describes a personality even before a verbal description, thereby the proverb ‘You are addressed the way you dress. Clothing for women has evolved to bring out the personality, shape, and nature of women.


is an online store that sells clothing items. Reading online customer reviews will define the products of companies like Shebird more clearly to you.

About Shebird

Shebird is a United States clothing brand that offers customers womenswear products at a discount. The company was founded in 2019 by Sheila Attari. The founder started the company to make the dresses of women easy to wear, especially the bra, without being society substandard at the same time. In Attari’s aim to make women happy, Shebird had brought innovations into the clothing industry.
The company started its production originally in the US but later moved to Xiamen, China. The move was meant to enhance the production of better quality and more comfortable clothes. The inspiration for the brand began with the discomfort in most brands of bras produced for women, including Sheila, making some women wish for a bra-free world. She then thought of ways wearing the bra could be nice and wholly comfortable for women and stay on them for a long time.

Products and Services offered at Shebird

This company offers womenswear in new styles and looks. Clothing includes bras, skirts, pants and shorts, tops, dresses, and layering. The bra developed by Shebird is called ‘She loves built-in bra.’ It has numerous features to make women feel free while wearing it. Among these features is the ability to remove the bra cups. The panel at the back of the bra that allows smoothing of the body of the wearer is also a feature among others. The bra is made of a material that prevents stickiness and avoids clinging to the skin.
The company provides a measurement table and guide for customers to find the right size of clothes to fit perfectly.

Payment, Refund, and Return Policy of Shebird

The company accepts payment from Master Card, PayPal, google pay, VISA, and other payment platforms. Points are earned through various processes like shopping, creating an account, etc.
After using a clothing product for 30 days and you do not love it, you do not need to worry. The fashion brand collects such products back from you. After your return, the product is cleaned and given to a woman who needs it. It is appreciated when you state why you do not love the item and are returning it.

Reviews, Compliments, and Complaints about Shebird

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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