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Skating refers to any sport or leisure activity in which skates are used to traverse surfaces or ice. Skating may take several forms, with ice skating and roller skating being two of the more popular. From these two (2) mentioned forms comes many variations.

For ice skating, there is figure skating, where an individual or a group performs wearing figure skates. Speed skatings are the competitive variation where individuals race each other on skates. The last variation is tour skating, the recreation variation of ice skating on natural ice. Roller skating has variations as well. Inline skating, Artistic roller skating and road skating . 

SKATE GURU INC is a company selling sports and outdoor clothing, shoes, and accessories. Their primary products are targeted at the skating market. The company offers a variety of equipment and accessories relevant to skating. To be specific, Skate Guru Inc. is mostly for those who are interested in ice and roller skating. Ice skating is the self-propulsion of a person across a layer of ice by gliding on the ice sheet using metal-bladed ice skates. This activity has a variety of purposes, such as recreation, sport, fitness, or travel. Ice skating can be performed on ice surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.  

Skate Guru Inc. has been in the business of retailing ice skating equipment and apparel for years. They have handpicked the best-looking and safest apparel from the best brands on the market. If you’re just starting out, it’s important to have equipment that will keep you safe as well as fit your budget. They get the best products from the most trustworthy retailers. Whatever your budget, whether you’re into recreational or professional skating, Skate Guru can help you find the right equipment. They also have accommodating customer service representatives who are available to talk about your concerns. 

Products and Services of SKATE GURU INC. 
Skate Guru Inc. retails several brands. There are 14 brands that you may look at on their website: SG.Moda, Jackson Ultima, ATOM Skates, Botas, Flow Hockey, Guardog, i-eXe, John Wilsons, MK, Risport, Roll-Line, Sargester, Thermowave, and UFO Plast.

Products under the Ice Skating category are different ice skates from various brands. In addition to these, ice skating blades are also available. You may choose depending on skill level, rocker, shape, pick, and purpose.

For Roller Skating, the category is subdivided into three (3): quad, inline, and roller accessories. Other than the aforementioned skates, dresses and apparel are offered too by Skate Guru Inc. Ther are outfits for both women and men. Dresses are also available if you like. There are also available compression clothing, protective gears, and thermal base layer to choose from.

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