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Even though smoking is closely related, vaping is more classy, trendy, and a healthier choice. Your vape choice is a testament to your style. Vaping amidst friends can be a form of relaxation from a hectic week. When alone, vaping can provide you with the peace you seek.

Choosing a vaping kit and accessories retailer to provide for your needs may be challenging based on the sheer number of retailers available. Still, your choice can be guided by reading reliable customer reviews before choosing a retailer.

About Smokstore

Founded in 2013 and based in China, Smokstore is an online vaping retailer and manufacturer that sells vaping tools and accessories and various parts. They partner with different brands and manufacturers of vaping tools to create a variety of choices for their customers. For your electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and vape mods, Smokstore may as well be your retailer.

Smokstore Products and Services

Smokstore sells different types of vaporizers to interested customers. Their vaporizers are of different make, shapes, sizes, and brands. You can also purchase mods of different varieties from their website as well.
Your vaping starter kits are available for purchase on their site, based on your choice of kits (pen-style kit, box mod kit, pipe style kits, etc.).

You can check out their catalog of vaping accessories such as batteries, vape skins, vape wires, vape tools, vape cases, etc.

Payment and Delivery of Smokstore

Smokstore accepts payment through credit and debit cards, American Express, and others.
Delivery charges depend on the weight of the customer's purchases. Although orders are processed within 1-5 business days, the estimated delivery time depends on the buyer's location. Shipped products can be tracked with a unique tracking code on the product. They use shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, and EMS.

Smokstore keeps a newsletter through which they release new discount products, flash sales, and product information to buyers. They also have coupon codes online to ensure a certain percentage off their products when used. Smokstore occasionally sells some of its products at discounted prices on its website. Smokstore Coupon codes can not be used for wholesale transactions.

Warranty, Refund, and Return Policy of Smokstore

Smokstore place a three months warranty on their products. Products broken on arrival can be sent back for returns as Smokstore accepts returns made within a month of purchase. Such broken products must be reported to the company within 48 hours of discovery. Shipping fees incurred during the exchange is the responsibility of the buyer.

Contact Smokstore

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @smokstore

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Smokstore

If you have purchased any product from Smokstore, it is important to leave a review with us. Other buyers who are currently undecided about which retailer or online shop to trust with their purchases may need your experience and feedback to make that decision. So, did you enjoy their service and product? How were their delivery process and delivery time? Would you go back to use their service? Would you recommend their service to other buyers? What do you think they can do to improve their service and products?

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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