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Smoky Bombs

Are you bored with your current photography setup? Does photographing or being photographed not excite you anymore? It's time to infuse your photographs with colour and textures. A colourful background can make your photos pop and save them from looking dull. However, trying to find a new way or backdrop that includes colours to shoot now and then is not a fun challenge either. Whip out all your worries and boredom with the Smoky Bombs. 'Smoky Bombs' is an online store that brings you SMOKE BOMBS, also called Grenade, that suffuses smoky colours to take your photographs to a next level. Using these, they claim that you can make incredible lifelong memories, create amazing content for your social media, brand, or company, and photographers of any skill level expand your portfolio and skillset. Fascinating! Right?

If smoke bombs have grabbed your attention but you want to know if they are worth your money or no, the best more is to read customer reviews.

About Smoky Bombs

Smoky Bombs was brought into existence to make it easier for you to click photographs. They have brought the innovative idea to blend colours in your life. Smoky Bombs want to level up your feed with their products. They use natural materials so their products are completely biodegradable and non-toxic.

Products and Services of Smoky Bombs

Smoky Bombs are fundamentally used for photoshoots and filming making but they also work great for paintball, air-soft, survival purposes, and anything else your heart desires. You can get as creative as you want using these fun bombs. It adds creativity, mood, atmosphere, and plain fun to your photoshoots and the results.

Their list of smoke bombs products includes single and double vents, mini micros, and rainbow vents. To function the smoke bomb, you simply have to pull the ring to the side - that's it. BOOM! What follows is one full minute of brilliantly coloured, non-toxic smoke. The smoke is delivered from the vent at the top and bottom of the smoke bomb. They also have discreet gender reveal smokes - helps you keep the gender a surprise until the big reveal! Here, the smoke reveals the gender of your baby! All the products can be used either to make the background colourfully or just to have some prop in your photographs. Smoky Bombs claim that you won't regret buying them. Buy smoky bombs and be ready to make your images dreamy.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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