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Backdrops are images that can be displayed on a stage. It has closer similarities to costumes, the only difference being that backdrops are shown on stage. The backdrops can be named, edited, created, and even deleted. In a stage during an event, backdrops can sometimes be changed to show the transition between scenes. Backdrops are essential elements that highlight the event décor, and they uniquely complement either classic and traditional or sleek and contemporary themes. They come in handy when planning for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, tradeshow, or corporate events. There are different backdrops; they include theatre backdrops, wrestling backdrops, painted photography backdrops, and backdrop CMS. Event backdrops give your event some visual impact because of the visually striking and flexible branding capabilities. It as a strong impression due to its photographic quality print on fabric. It is an effective way of delivering messages in events, promoting products, and building brand recognition. It is also handy in sports events as a tool for engaging the audience. It is also packaged in sizes that are suitable stage backdrops and branding mediums for all event sizes. They can also be used for the event registration desk, reception areas, media walls, and branded photo booths. Some backdrops use a three-dimensional effect.

About Ubackdrop

Ubackdrop is a company based in China that provides backdrops to clients for weddings, birthday, baby shower, anniversary, and any other event that requires a backdrop. They have been offering this service for over 10 years. Their backdrops come in different sizes, making it suitable for every event, whether small or large. They aim at offering all their customers a wonderful experience, from customizing, order, and delivery at an affordable price. Ubackdrop has a factory where they produce their own backdrops from the best materials. They have different types of backdrops but also allows customers to customize their backdrops. For queries regarding their products, the company has put in place support options, including email, phone number, and a chatbot. The company also issues newsletters to its subscribers with details regarding the development and recent product release.

Products and Services of Ubackdrop

Ubackdrop provides backdrops for a variety of events. The customer can order round backdrops or stands or submit his customizations to be reviewed and processed by the company’s experts. The customers can send their ideas through email and attach their designs. Experts will then review the submitted artwork and refine it to better quality and practical design. The user will then confirm that all the requirements are considered in the final work before the backdrop is designed. The product will then take a maximum of 12 days to be delivered.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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