Everything you need to know about Velvet curtains

The velvet curtains are one of the heaviest fabric curtains you might discover, though velvet fabric is certainly soft. The velvety fabric looks elegant and is viewed as the luxury epitome because of its shiny and smooth surface.

Velvet curtains are widely available in brick-and-mortar and online stores, but you can save money through online stores. Read the webshop reviews before making purchases of velvet curtains, so you don't have to waste your money on disliked pieces.

Minimalist style

For a minimalist look, white velvet curtains are the most favored option. Stark white gives a really clean and soft look to the overall appearance. A mashup of a white and golden velvet curtain adds a luxury flicker to a neutral living room. The luxury vibes can also be enhanced with adjacent brass light fixtures. The Shade Store has a wide variety of designs in minimalistic velvet curtains that will pop-up your room with royal aesthetics.

Huge colors range

Velvet curtains in any color give a luxurious touch to every space whether you need curtains for living room, bedroom or any other place in your home.

Green velvet curtains

with floral seats and light-toned sofas are the best for creating spring vibes. Light color furniture and wallpaper perfectly give a lively look to your room with matching purple velvet curtains.

Royal-level classiness with deep red

While there are many colors available, deep red velvet curtains are the most favored ones to give a royal look. However, the red hue demands concentration and is certainly the first option if your space demands royal-level grace. This style is available at Parachute Home where you can also find out other options in the royal-level window treatments.

Follow these tips to take care of velvet curtains

Since curtains are the foremost element of home furnishing and their maintenance and cleaning are not a big deal.

• Velvet draws dust like all other curtains so make sure to shake your panels well or brush them regularly. Darker curtains like black velvet curtains or navy blue velvet curtains attract dust more easily.

• It's good to give a deep cleaning to velvet curtains twice a year and do not forget the manufacturer's instructions before washing.

• Generally, using a professional dry cleaning service is a riskless approach, or else hand-wash the fabric with less detergent and cold water.

• To remove wrinkles from your curtains, hang them up and gently apply steam to them. You can use either a portable steamer or an iron to do this. Whatever you're using, don't let it get in direct contact with velvet curtains to avoid any damage to the fabric.

Everything looks deeper and richer with a velvety touch and velvet curtains come in a range of colors, finishes and designs, making it a fantastic fabric preference for every window and every home.

By Mo