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As women get older they tend to get a reduction in some of their hormonal functions. This tends to come with some side effects which could sometimes even lead to serious damages such as being prone to cancer or any other diseases. It could also have some effects on their mental health. To prevent all these shortcomings some individuals have come up with the idea of using hormonal supplements and therapy. This could most times be very effective especially if the right brands are used. So if you are looking to get hormonal therapy or looking to get hormonal products you could consider patronizing Winona. Read under for unbiased customer reviews from individuals who have patronized Winona.

About Winona

Winona was co-founded by Nancy L. Belcher who is purported to be a veteran of the scientific, nonprofit, and business world. The company is proposed to have been formed to improve the accessibility of menopause treatments and improve the lives of many women. They claim to empower women to make the second half of their life better than the first and create products women need. With the belief in corporate social responsibility, they claim 1% of all sales to programs such as fistula that support women around the globe.

Channels to Contact Winona

Individuals who would like to be in contact with Winona either with questions or for more information about their products and services can do so either by writing to them directly at 1013 Centre Road, Suite 403-A, Wilmington Delaware, 19805Q or via email at Customers can also reach via mobile at (415) 840-1465. They are also available on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Winona Products and Services

Winona offers a variety of hormonal drugs and hormonal therapy products which include estrogen, progesterone, and DHEA which can be administered via different methods such as oral, via patch, or could be applied on the skin or vagina. They also have doctors who are available for consultation. The products are claimed to be personalized to suit the needs of the customer and also made naturally so can be sold over the counter. They also insist on having up-to-date science which is backed by research recommended by their doctors.

Shipping policy for Winona

Typically, after reviewing a prescription, Winona will ship the product within 1 business day and arrive within 2-3 days once shipped. Orders are shipped via USPS.

Compliment, complaints, and tips for Winona

Have you ever been opportune to patronize Winona? Which product did you purchase? Did you enjoy using the product? Was the product as effective as you expected? Were you satisfied with your purchase? Do you in any way feel cheated out of your money? Did you get the opportunity to interact with one of their trained personnel? Were you satisfied with their services? Did you suffer any misgivings? What misgivings did you suffer? Did your order arrive on time? What was your overall experience like? Do you see yourself shopping there again any time soon? Do you mind sharing your feedback, complaints, or tips about this brand? Your candid reviews can help someone out there make a well-informed choice.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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