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Women accessories and ornament is a big business. The fashion industry has also included this small but valuable merchandise as part of their assortment. These merchandises can be cheap hairpins to expensive jewellery. Women around the world buy such ornaments according to their surroundings. For instance, women of the Asian Sub Continent like to wear heavy gold jewellery whereas an American lady likes to have delicate attire and light jewellery. The same is the case when a European lady wears jewels, beads and hair accessories, she always goes for a lighter look. The manufacturers and traders of this fashion sub-category keep the target market in mind. There are different brands available that are developing women accessories and pieces of jewellery according to the changing demands and designs.


is an online retailer of two companies working together to provide women merchandise available in a large range. The foundation of their business originated from the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. The website is contributed and operated from both places.

About the Xyzbeads

Xyzbeads is a conglomerate of different factories and small online traders. The main focus of their business is selling women accessories online. The online store is operated by two firms; Ecnovo Limited United Kingdom and Ecworld International Limited, Hong Kong. The accessories include beads and ornaments like jade, silver, pearl, gemstone and crystal items etc. Moreover, they also facilitate women sellers in different ways. If you have a personal jewellery store, Xyzbeads can facilitate you according to your business needs. They can also source the products that you are looking for. Xyzbeads’ customer service team is available from 9 am-5 pm from Monday to Saturday looking to addresses the customers’ queries possibly in a stipulated time frame.

Product and services offered by the Xyzbeads

They are proving the customers with a variety of beads including acrylic beads, bone and cinnabar beads, gemstone, clay, resin and rhinestone beads etc. Besides that, shell and pearl beads, fabric and woven beads are also available.

In jewellery items, customers can buy beads cap, chain, earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces etc. Moreover matching hairpins are also available at Xyzbeads. It also supplies stringing material like chains, ribbons, threads and wire.

In accessories, customers can easily find accessory bags, nail art & hair accoutrements, watches, clock, massage items, temporary tattoos and mobile accessories as well. This means they offer beauty and personal care. Now it has introduced sewing and DIY crafts including buttons, knitting and crochet etc.

Are you searching for some of the items they are selling? You can find customer reviews as well as feedback on These reviews are left by customers who already have the experience of their beauty and personal care products and accessories. Reading them can easily make you understand the possibility of fulfilling your needs.

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For your suggestions and ratings, the online shop category could be used to help others by visiting Xyzbeads also offer their Facebook page to write about products, order terms, return policy, customer service and shipping services.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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