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Data scientists or analysts most times use PHP to process data and have to deal with or go through certain processes to pull data that is scattered from the MySQL database. Company data is not standard and requires processing before it can be used.

So getting a framework that helps to ease the stress by connecting various sources of data at once and provides powerful processes to handle complicated data. A framework that will also provide extra packages that allow the analyst to build pivot data reports and give beautiful charts and graphical representation for the report.

KoolReport claims to be able to provide their clients with such a framework that will enable them to work properly and more efficiently in the production of the faster and easier report. If you are interested in KoolReport you can take a look at the KoolReport customer reviews left behind by their clients.

About KoolReport

KoolPHP Inc. declares that the inspiration for KoolReport was said to have come from one of their other products, the KoolPivotTable. KoolPivotTable claims to be a fantastic PHP UI tool for quickly and easily summarizing data and creating Excel-style pivot tables.

KoolPHP Inc. says that KoolReport is a distillation of their many years of report-writing experience, and they hope that it will save their clients a lot of time when preparing theirs.

This company claims to have come to this conclusion after years of software development.

According to KoolPHP Inc., they chose open-source as their software approach because they recognize that they could never keep up with all of the changing needs on their own. They never have enough manpower to serve effectively on their own. That's why they claim that KoolReport was created to be simple, expandable, and also adaptable to change.

According to KoolPHP Inc., they want it to become a strong foundation supported by a market of packages that provide a variety of data sources, data processes, visualization widgets, and report templates so that customers can find a solution quickly. KoolPHP Inc. declares that its goal is to serve as a foundation or ecosystem that connects those who need reporting solutions with those who can give them.

Channels to contact KoolReport

Do you have any questions or inquiries regarding the functionality of the KoolReport software?

The KoolReport customer support team is available to assist you, and they may be reached through their numerous social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter. They can also be contacted through their email address support@koolreport.com.

Products and services of KoolReport

KoolPHP Inc. says that they offer their clients packages such as KoolReport Pro, Dashboard, Export, Pivot, Inputs, Chart JS, Cube, Cache, Excel, QueryBuilder, and Amazing Theme. The KoolReport software is purported to offer features related to outsourcing, consulting, and supporting.

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