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Source of Goods

Logistics refers to the detailed implementation and organization of an intricate operation. In a common business sense, logistics refers to managing the flow of things between the point they originate from to the point they are consumed to meet corporations or clients' requirements. Some of the resources managed in logistics may consist of tangible goods such as supplies, equipment, materials, foods, and other consumable items. Physical items' logistics usually entails incorporating materials handling, information flow, packaging, production, inventory, warehousing, transportation, and often security. In military science, usually, logistics entails maintaining the army's supply lines while ensuring it disrupts those of enemies as an armed force that lacks transportation and resources is defenseless.

About Source of Goods

Source of Goods is a company that focusses on handling logistics and shipping for orders you make. With Source of Goods, you'll get to access millions of products from eBay Amazon and get them shipped right to your place. Source of Goods has 15 years' experience in drop ship e-commerce and still strives to continue offering quality services. For more than a decade, major big-box retailers such as American express and have relied on the company's network to ship quality products to their clients. In recent years there has been an exponential growth in the online resale market, which has caused the company to galvanize to come up with new platforms that are exclusive and which offer clients with expertise specializing in servicing distinct retailers.

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Source of Goods strives to offers quality dropshipping services for online resellers. The company's platform is user-friendly. Whether a client is seeking for not so many products to those looking for thousands of products, the platform will provide a seamless experience. Source of goods assures clients of a simple to use the platform, has shipped millions of quality products, and a client support that is ready to offer help. It also has a clear privacy policy and does not share any client's data with any third party. Clients are required only to enter basic data to ensure they get their products, including their name, address, and email. This data is only used the data to make a client experience better.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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