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In these days of always on telephony, it’s difficult to maintain any privacy.

Every app want to track you and every website wants to leave cookies on your computer.

There’s almost nowhere to hide. Even when your phone rings, there an expectation to be there to answer.

And it works the other way too. There are times when you want to be able to reach out and contact people without divulging personal and identifying information.

That’s something that is becoming increasingly more difficult to do.

So how do you call someone without them knowing it’s you that called? How do you contact a company without the fear of the relentless follow up calls?

One way is to somehow disguise your number. There are a selection of firms that will provide this service for you. But this is just the beginning. There’s so much more to a stealthy online persona and the opportunities are growing by the day. Always check reviews before you buy any service though.

About SpoofCard
SpoofCard are a telephony based service that provide anonomizing services to their customers.

SpoofCard advertise on their website that they are trusted by over 5 million users worldwide.

Products And Services Of SpoofCard
SpoofCard offer a service for Android and iPhone that will allow you to call from your telephone, but present a different, spoofed number to the person that you are calling,

This allows you to make calls anonymously without the fear of being traced.

SpoofCard allows you to disguise your caller ID and create any number that you want. The service works by buying minutes from SpoofCard for the calls that you want to disguise.

Making the call involves calling the SpoofCard access number, and providing the number that you want to call, and the number that you want to appear as the caller ID.

SpoofCard have a number of other services that may be of interest to people who want to disguise their caller ID.

SpoofCard have a voice disguising software that will allow you to change you voice completely. You can sound like a man or a woman - the choice is yours.

As all calls are routed through SpoofCard, you can also sign up for the ability to record calls made via the service.

SpoofCard will also allow you to send texts anywhere whilst at the same time keeping your number private.

SpoofCard is available as an app, and can be downloaded via the Apple Store, or from Google Play.

Credits can be purchased on the website, and there are a variety of packages available to suit different usage profiles.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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Roger S. 2 years ago
I downloaded the mobile App from Play Store, this software is a failure because it is expensive. The app developer then answers by asking me to write an email so that I can express my feelin...

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Mobile App

I downloaded the mobile App from Play Store, this software is a failure because it is expensive. The app developer then answers by asking me to write an email so that I can express my feelings. I just expressed my opinion that this is far too pricey. It was once enjoyable to use. they've become far too greedy. There was a time when you could only get one credit. I used to pay for credits and never received them; today it costs five or ten credits to send a text or make a phone call. TERRIBLE! I cannot recommend them for any reason.

Roger S. 2 years ago
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