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Hidden24 VPN

Imagine surfing the internet or playing video games online, and someone somewhere is secretly spying on you from your computer screen. That's a very creepy situation.

Surfing the internet comes with many pros and cons, and one thing you always have to be cautious of is the safety of your computer. When you connect your phone or laptop to public Wi-Fi, you risk having your information stolen by unwanted entities.

You can prevent this by using a secure VPN server that keeps you anonymous and keeps your information safe and secured.

Many VPN platforms provide safe internet, but Hidden24 VPN not only secures your information. It also provides fast speed for your internet and wifi. Do you want to know if Hidden24 VPN is worth investing in? Read customer reviews to get more information about Hidden24 VPN.

About Hidden24 VPN

Founded in 2006 by a group of Swedish journalists, Hidden24 VPN is an internet security company that serves thousands of customers with proxy services and helps secure and keep safe; every activity and transaction is done through the internet.

The idea for the platform was birthed initially when one of its founders casually instigated that the government would start demanding the login details of every journalist from their ISPs. It was initially created for journalists, but it became accessible to everyone who also wanted to keep their activities online anonymous.

Hidden24 VPN works by exchanging your IP address and replacing it with theirs. No one except you and Hidden24 will see all your activity on the internet. The VPN is very strong and secured so that no one can read or monitor your information stored on the database of Hidden24.

Products And Services Of Hidden24 VPN

Hidden24 VPN has three connection options you can go for. IKEv2, L2TP/IPSEC, or PPTP
IKEV2 is one of the easiest to set up. Built With a quick connection speed and a 256 IPSEC encryption bits of security, you'll remain connected when your network decreases or drops unexpectedly. IKEV2 is the best of all products from Hidden24, but it does not work with a TV service

L2TP/IPSEC is also designed to have encryption of 256 bits IPSEC. Similar to the same features as IKEV2, L2TP is designed to act as backup support for IKEV2. If you have problems using the latter, you can try this product. This VPN allows you to connect and watch any TV service you want.


is best if you want all your home network secured. This is possible because this VPN allows you to connect all your home devices to your router, and using this VPN means your router is safe and secured. You can even use this VPN to create a UK IP address anywhere. Although it has lesser encryption of 128 bits, unlike the previous VPNs, it is still strong and secure enough for any purpose you want.

Hidden24 Subscription and Refund Policy

Before installing any VPN, you need to make sure you create an account and purchase any of the Vpn services you want. After creating the account, you can create a VPN connection to your phones or laptops. This process will help you connect to hidden24 datacenters.

Hidden24 is priced at $5.99 billed monthly, $5.49 on the three-month plan, or $4.99 over a year.
There is no free trial, and no refunds are offered.

Complaints and Tips For Hidden24

Have you ever patronized Hidden24 services? Did you find the customer service pleasant and useful? Did you get value for what you paid for? You can share your experience and feedback through your customer review; other interested customers will be able to get more information about Hidden24 VPN services. It will become effortless for them to decide if they should use its services or not. So what are you waiting for? You can leave a review on our platform right away or if you have any complaints or questions, send an email to


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