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Technology has made life easy for humans now more than ever. One innovation that has made life and communication easier and faster is the VoIP technology, known as the Voice over Internet Protocol. This allows for phone and video calls to be received over the internet. VioPLy is a company that helps offers mobile solutions. Read reliable customer reviews to know more about the company's offerings.

What Type of Company is VoiPLy?

VoiPLy is a United States-based telecommunication service provider based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 2012 to provide VoIP services to business owners and domestic customers. It aims at providing high-speed internet with stability at a budget-friendly price. The service offers unlimited calls to the United States, Canada, and over 50 other countries worldwide. The company's service can be accessed using the WiFi network, and no wiring is needed. Some of the features of the VoiPLy application are 24/7 working times, it requires no setup fee, it shows the caller ID of a caller, and it allows you to take calls with your desktop or phone. Customers can receive and send SMS using the service.

Products and Services Offered by VoiPLy

The company offers VoiPLy WiFi phones with features that support 3-way conferences, thereby a suitable asset to keep in your home office or business office. Some other products are VoiPLy adapter, Panasonic bundle, and some others. VoiPLy home landline plans offer over 60 phone features to enable your business to move more smoothly and faster. Some of these features are auto attendant, video conferencing, online meetings, and ring groups, among other features.

Some of the other features VoiPLy porting allows are the ability to manage multiple concurrent calls at a time, which is possible because of the company's cloud communication system. Customers can keep their existing number and phone with the company. The company allows emergency call operators to know the address and number a customer is calling from. Businesses can step up their phone system online in 4 steps. The steps are the input of company phone number, selection of phone, customization of user details, and then the configuration of call routing settings.

Payment method and Refund Policy for VoiPLy

The company accepts payment from Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. The company offers businesses monthly plans to choose from. Customers choose their preferred bundle and then order to enjoy the phone system. In a case of an unsatisfactory item, the buyer is expected to return such a particular order within 30 days of order receipt. The company offers a refund excluding shipping costs and international charges.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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