Six things you need to know about car rental

Perhaps you are planning a vacation, or your car is being serviced, and you need to rent a car for a while. No matter the reason, many aspects need to be considered. For example, car insurance, the different car rental companies available, where the car rental companies are located, luxury car rental options, and the process of returning a rental car are some aspects you should consider. Therefore, use this or other reviews at ReviewsBird to familiarise yourself with what renting a car and using car rental agencies entails.

1. What is rental car insurance?

Familiarise yourself with other car rental reviews to understand what rental car companies offer regarding car insurance when renting a car from them. Car rental insurance protects the driver of the rental car should there be an injury or accident while they have the vehicle. There are four main types of insurance coverage that they offer. Many car service companies reviews explain aspects associated with the rental agencies. The first is liability coverage, then personal accident insurance, personal effects coverage, and the loss damage waiver. Depending on which bank one banks with, a credit card may offer the additional option of rental card coverage. However, if this is the case, you must reserve the car and pay for it using that credit card to ensure you are properly covered.

Does my car insurance cover rental cars?

If you already have car insurance for your vehicle, then the chances of you needing rental car insurance are slim. You can use your car insurance for a car you have rented, so long as you will be using the vehicle for personal reasons. However, should the trip be for business, one's private insurance may not cover injuries or damage to the car.

2. Different rental car companies

When renting a car, it is important to do it via well-known, reputable rental car companies. Thus reading reviews about companies may assist one in deciding on which one to use. In the United States, car rental companies like Enterprise, Avis, Hertz, and National Car Rental provide customers with a rental service. Some are better known for customer satisfaction, and others have cheaper quotes or an easier-to-use functionality when applying for a rental car. It depends on what the customer values and are looking for to allow them to decide which company to use.

Why not try Avis?

Avis is an American car rental company that prides itself on being an easy-to-use service as customers can book online or via an app they can download on a mobile device. In addition, the brand wants to ensure that clients feel safe in rented vehicles and have a sense of privacy.

3. Car rental companies near me

Location is key, so if one is looking for a car rental company, the best way to start one's search is to look for companies nearby. So begin your search by looking for a car rental near me. For example, if one is flying to America, searching for a company near an airport is essential because one can pick up the car once landed and return it when leaving again. If you are planning on visiting the Laguardia airport in New York or the Brooklyn area, searching for companies like ‘car rental Brooklyn’ will help narrow your search as it is location specific. However, should one be looking at renting a car for some time for other reasons, it may not matter as much as where the company is located because a friend can always lift you to the company.

4. Enterprise car rental

The car rental company Enterprise offers rental car service providing customers with cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, moving trucks, and more. The company has over 250 car rental shops at airports across the United States, including New York and Los Angeles. Most branches are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The company prides itself in working closely with insurance companies and repair shops to discuss and find the best deals regarding rental extensions and if one needs to repair a car. Someone can rent a basic, economy car, or you can choose a more exotic and luxurious one. In addition, one way car rental allows you to pick up the vehicle in one location and return it at another branch in a different area.

Enterprise exotic car rental

Exotic cars provide clients with a feeling of luxury when renting premium cars. The range of exotic cars available at Enterprise includes SUVs, luxury sedans, and other vehicles from the Exotic Car Collection. Finally, some electric cars are also available if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

5. Luxury car rental

If one wants to go on a business trip in style or go all out on vacation, then why not choose to use a luxurious car to transport you to the places you need to get to? If you are already renting a car, you will pay a general fee, so why not pay a little extra for a more comfortable ride? So often, we cannot afford to drive these luxury cars in our own lives, so live out your dream by renting a luxurious one now!

Luxury car rental in Chicago

If you are going to be in Chigaco, why not view the ‘windy city’ from the comfort of a luxurious car? A typical luxury car rental option includes vehicles like Land Rover SUV, BMW SUVs, sports cars, and even Ford Mustangs as some of the various options.

6. Returning a rental car.

The process of a rental car return is important, so start by planning your route accordingly and note when the car must be back. Rental car services charge overtime if you keep the car longer, so it is important not to be late. Next, review the policy, as many companies require that the vehicle is returned with a full tank. So plan a route to the car rental company, which goes past a fuel station. If you feel overwhelmed when you arrive, look for signs in the parking lots, especially at the airport. These signs will guide you to where you should return the car. Once you have parked, take a picture of the mileage and the fuel tank. These photos will give evidence should the company complain about one of these aspects. Remember always to be prepared for anything!

Returning a car to the San Diego Airport.

There are various car rental agencies at the San Diego Airport for one to pick from. If you rent a car from the San Diego Airport, it is essential to make sure you return the car well in advance of your flight. However, make sure you get there ahead of time because you cannot predict the length of the queues and the number of people returning cars. Once the car return has been processed, a shuttle will transport you to the airport terminal for your flight. No hassle, no delay, and now you can relax and enjoy the flight!

By Callan