What to look for when returning a rental car

Have you come to the end of your journey and need to return your rental vehicle? Try reading reviews on ReviewsBird to let you know what is expected for the rental car return. Below are some important aspects to note when returning the rental car.

Fill the tank up

There are many different car companies like Myrentacar, Enterprise, and more. A few have average cars, but some offer luxury car rental options. Some rental agencies require a rental car with a full tank of fuel. If they request this, look up some petrol stations en route to the car rental agency.


Phone and enquire what time the car needs to be back. Ensure you leave enough time for traveling and traffic; if you arrive later than the stipulated time, you may be charged extra. Also, remember if you are returning a vehicle for one way, like Enterprise drop off, there may be different expectations.

Clean the car

In addition to that, clean the car before you return it. It is important to make sure the care is returned in order. Some car rental reviews explain what you should do before returning the car.

Return the car the way you found it

Once you have checked for belongings and cleaned the car, ensure that any additional items like car seats or other accessories the company rented to you are in the car. You don’t want to get to the airport or car rental agency and realize you left something with family or friends or in the hotel, for example. Airport rental car return is supposed to be a quick and easy process.

Make other travel arrangements.

You may need to make travel arrangements if you are not returning the car to an airport rental company. Some travel agencies close to the airport offer shuttle services, which you can use to get back to the airport. So if that is something you might be interested in, it is worth phoning ahead to find out if it is a service they offer. If you are using one way car rental, you need to make sure that you have a plan to get to the next destination. The Mccarran Rental Car Center is based in Las Vegas and prides itself on being a fast rental car provider. They are an example of a rental car agency located at the airport.


When the car is returned, the agency will look for car damage that may have occurred. You may be liable if damage occurred, and the rental insurance you took out may cover this. Should there be some form of the terminology, you don't understand, try reading other car websites like adrenaline offroad outfitters and familiarise yourself with some language.

Leave a review

In the same way, reading a review like on RVT reviews may have helped you choose the rental car agency you chose. If they ask you to leave a review, it may be worthwhile to consider it. Please note that many people read car rental reviews before supporting that specific company, so you may be helping someone make a tough decision.

By Callan