How to choose the best rental car insurance

Are you planning on renting a car from a car rental agency? Should you rent one for personal use or business, it is essential to explore the various rental car insurance options. There are many rental agencies, so it is important to read reviews, like the ones found on ReviewsBird before making any decision.

Does my car insurance cover rental insurance?

If you own a car, you should have car insurance that protects you and your vehicle. Depending on the insurance company and what the policy states, the insurance only covers the car listed on the policy. However, some insurance policies do include cover to drive other vehicles. It is important to read the policy in detail as it may only cover you as a third party while driving the other car; it may not protect you if damage occurs to the vehicle. Furthermore, many policies will state that they do not cover cars hired or rented when abroad. Where you are planning to use luxury car rental or rent an economy car, familiarizing yourself with your policy before looking into rental car insurance is essential.

Geico insurance

Geico is an insurance company that provides people with vehicle cover, business cover, and cover for property, travel, overseas, and more. The company prides itself in ensuring good deals are offered to clients, and the website allows instant access to your policy and claims, all with the click of a button.

What are some other rental car agencies offering insurance

Researching the various rental agencies is important to ensure you find the best deal. Discover car hire, EasyRentCars and Avis are some well-known and widely used car rental companies.

Discover Car Hire

Discover Car hire is an online car rental company where you can compare car rental deals from many other companies before making a decision. The company prides itself in not hiding any fees or extra costs, so you will not get any surprises of additional charges to pay.


EasyRentCars is a British-based company that has 175 000 cars available for rent in about 20 000 locations worldwide. The brand works with many individuals, who are experienced, to make sure you have your car rental needs met.


Avis offers all things cars worldwide. You can purchase a car with Avis, insure your car, hire a car from them, take out rental insurance policies, and more. In addition, chauffeur-driven services and the opportunity for luxury car rental with premium SUVs and sports convertibles are offered.

American Express

If you have an American Express credit card, investigate American Express rental car insurance. American Express provides their clients with Car Rental Loss & Damage Insurance. In addition, there is an option to sign up with Premium Car Rental Protection, whereby you will pay a flat rate per car being rented for a maximum of 42 days of coverage. Perhaps read some car rental insurance reviews to help you understand more.

What type of damage does car rental insurance cover?

Most car rental agencies offer four main types of insurance to protect the vehicle and yourself in the event of an accident, damage to the car, or theft. In addition, many car rental company reviews discuss the different insurance options, allowing you to choose one best suited for your situation.

The Collision Damage Waiver or Loss Damage Waiver

This insurance policy offers protection should your rental car be stolen or damaged. Although sometimes there will be deductibles, the waiver ensures that you will not need to pay for repairs to the vehicle or replace it if it is stolen.

Supplemental Liability Insurance

The Supplemental Liability Insurance option will protect you by covering any damage you cause to other people's property, including their cars, or should they be injured and have medical costs.

Personal Accident Insurance

Your life is important; therefore, taking out accident insurance should also be. The purpose of accident insurance is to cover you financially, your family, or your business partners should there be any injury, death, or permanent disability caused by the accident.

Personal Effects Coverage

Lastly, the personal effects coverage option offers coverage should theft occur, and your possessions are stolen from the rental car. When you take out this policy, you can usually set the limit you want to be covered.

Is it necessary to buy rental car insurance?

The decision is ultimately yours, but once you have familiarised yourself with the different insurances and companies available, you will be able to choose the best car rental insurance option to suit your needs. When your car rental journey ends, it is essential to read the guidelines regarding the rental car return.

By Callan