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Are you looking for an online brand that provides audio technologies that help in meditation, sleeping, dreaming better, and improved concentration? But how do you know if the audio products that these brands offer perform the functions they are said to do? How do you know if the audio will put you to sleep or help you concentrate better? Reading online customer reviews is a reliable way to find answers to these questions.

About Hemi-Sync

Hemi-Sync is a company that was created to provide low-cost audio technology which aids improved performance. The company was founded by Robert Monroe in 1953 when it started as a corporation that produced network radio programs. It is not a publicly held company; rather, it is a private company.

The company started being active in producing and selling audio cassettes in 1962. Before it changed its name to Hemi-Sync, it was known as RAM Enterprises, Monroe Industries, and Interstate Industries. The company's headquarters was originally in New York before moving to Virginia. The company's president is Garrett Stevens, who seeks to continue the founder's mission.

Products And Services Of Hemi-Sync

This company's major service or product is the provision of audio technologies such as Hemi-Sync binaural beats. Customers can buy this brand's products according to the application, genre, or language.

Going by application, there are sounds for those who want to reduce stress, spiritual growth, stress management, self-improvement, creativity, health issues, concentration, and Hemi-Sync meditation. There are also audios for those that seek to sleep better, dream better, improve self-confidence, have anger issues, have sensory improvement and weight control, and also for those that are dead or dying.

Each binaural sound is created using different levels of Hemi-Sync frequencies. Binaural beats are also available in different languages such as Japanese, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, and many more. Customers can choose according to the genre, such as album series, metal music, mind food, flying man records, human plus, and Hemi-Sync gateway experience.

Additional Services Of Hemi-Sync

There is also a learning section where customers can learn how Hemi-Sync works, the technology used in making it, its research papers, and other things. The brand uses UPS to ship its products to customers in the US and other parts of the world. The shipping charges depend on the value of the purchased product, ranging from $8 to $12.

Customers not satisfied with Hemi-Sync products are allowed to return them within 30 days of receiving them. Customers can purchase their products by paying with PayPal or credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.).

Compliments, Complaints, And Tips For Hemi-Sync

Have you used meditation or any other binaural audio provided by Hemi-Sync? If yes, can you share the experience you had while making use of the audio? Did the product help you achieve your aim (meditation or sleep)? When you played their audio for concentration, did it help you to concentrate? Your experience and feedback will help interested customers to know more about the product. Please leave a review on our platform.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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