Best Black Friday TV Deals In 2023

Black Friday is around the corner and so begins the tracking of online shop reviews, research into electronics, and a focus on the best buy Black Friday deals. is here to help guide you through these Black Friday TV deals.

The Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday have previously offered great discounts over this weekend, and even sometimes in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. Therefore, making sure you get the best TV deals this Black Friday means you will need to be familiar with the models on offer, the retailers and shops that offer them, and the discounts that will be offered.

Black Friday TV Deals

Official Black Friday deals have not yet been released, however, based on last year’s trends and the specials that have been offered so far in 2022, it is safe to say that there will be many best buy TV deals to choose from.

In 2021 discounted deals began mid-October and ran into November, reaching some of the biggest sales over the Black Friday weekend. Adobe’s report shows that the Black Friday weekend and the days after have many discounts for you to choose from. You can expect to see a similar trend in 2022.

This trend suggests that it is worth keeping track of the particular model you are after and the various retailers that are selling it to find the best deal for you. However, there is a delicate balance between waiting for the biggest deal and making sure the retailer still has stock.

Many of these deals are stock dependent and when stock runs out, so does the deal. Being prepared to know what model or specifications you are looking for, and what your ideal price range is will help you decide when to grab that TV.

What To Look For In A TV?

When you are deciding on a TV you should take a few things into consideration:

  • Space

When it comes to watching your favourite movie, size does matter. This may mean you are looking at some of the larger TVs. Before you decide on the size you are looking for measure the place you are planning on putting it. This will ensure that you will be able to fit the TV you buy.

If you are planning on mounting it on a wall, ensure that the wall will be strong enough to hold the weight of the model you are looking at.

  • Your planned usage

When you are looking at a TV the Black Friday, you should consider what your main usage will be for. Do you watch a lot of movies and want a high resolution, do you want to use it for gaming where you need the correct interfacing and make sure it supports the console speed?

These elements will help you narrow down your choices of smart TV this Black Friday.

4K resolution offers high-definition images as there is four times the number of pixels in the display than that of full HD. Images on larger TVs will look more clear and more defined with 4K resolution.

HDR is often combined with 4K resolution. Whilst the 4K looks at the number of pixels, HDR looks at the quality of these pixels. In particular, the contrast between light and dark makes colours more vibrant.

OLED refers to the screen technology in many TVs. These screens offer higher-quality images, higher refresh rates, and thinner displays, all encompassed in green technology. This technology also allows for curved designs to be used in TVs.

QLED technology is mostly seen in Samsung TVs, however, there are other companies that use it as well. The QLED uses a quantum dot layer to enhance colour and display. This works well with 4K and HDR capabilities.

70-inch TV Deals

Exploring the option of a higher-range TV could direct you to look at the 70-inch+ models. These models do need to be considered for space as they take up a fair amount of space. There are many options and the majority of them offer you 4K, HDR, and HDMI ports.

These TVs can be bought at a variety of retailers such as Costco, Walmart, and branded shops like Samsung. It will be helpful to follow the outlets in your area to keep up with the 70-inch TV deals that will be offered.

Currently, you are looking at these models from £1000 to £4000. These prices should decrease during the Black Friday weekend, so keep your eyes on the set of your choice!

Walmart Black Friday TV Deals

Walmart is one of the big retailers that may be offering specials above and beyond the Black Friday weekend. It is a good idea to keep your eyes on the Walmart weekly circular and specials advertising online.

Walmart has previously started these deals in an exciting three-weekend sale for Walmart+ members. This started as early as the 3rd of November in 2021. The hopes are that they will do something similar this year with their Walmart Black Friday TV deals.

Walmart sells many different brands, including Samsung. This means that you have a good amount of choice to make sure you get the TV that suits your needs and budget.

Walmart also sells accessories such as TV stands to help you integrate your new TV into your living space with style.

Samsung Black Friday TV Deals

Samsung TVs are sought after, most commonly due to their high-quality performance and QLED technology. The crisp clarity and aesthetically pleasing frame are top selling points.

Samsung offers its own Black Friday specials and you can find these TVs at different retailers. There should be deals on all models, however, you will most likely see the best deals on the 2020/2021 models. These models are good quality and will offer all the capabilities that you expect from a Samsung TV.

We currently see some 65-inch TVs for under £600 and moving to 43-inches for under £500. This suggests that the 65-inch TV Black Friday deals might meet the £500 benchmark. There is a lot to look forward to with Samsung Black Friday deals.

Best Buy TV Deals

Working within a budget is important during the Black Friday weekend. There are many TVs that will provide a quality viewing experience and won’t break the bank.

Exploring what the best deals are currently will help you determine which are the best deals during Black Friday.

In general, you are looking at 55-inch and smaller TV sets for a budget range of £300 and £500. All of these are smart, flat-screen TVs, with HD-ready capabilities. There are a few sets in the upper range that have 4K and HDR capabilities.

Having researched the set and specifications that you required first-hand will help you decide on the best buy deals.

Let’s go shopping!

Black Friday sales in 2022 should offer great discounts for TVs. Being prepared and knowing what you are looking for will ensure that you do not get swamped by the deals and offers that companies will be advertising. Taking some time beforehand to know which specifications you need and what the current prices are are good steps when becoming prepared.

With this knowledge in hand, you will sort through the deals with ease to find the best-buy TV for you.

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