Self Service Car Wash: 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

With self-service car washes, the wand is in your hand. But many things can go bad if you make mistakes.

Unlike automatic car washes, self-service gives you the chance to be more thorough, but you will be running on limited time, so you would have to be efficient.

What is a Self-Service Car Wash?

A self-service car wash is a facility where you pay to wash your car. But you don't have all the time in the world. Most self-service car washes offer you about 15 minutes for a round of washing.

Although a self-service car wash gives you more control over the quality of your cleaning when compared to an automatic car wash, it doesn't give the premium value that a professional car detailing does. Despite its minor shortcomings, it is still a decent, cost-effective solution. Looking for a self-service car wash? Get access to customer reviews for automobile services on sites like ReviewsBird USA.

How to Use A Self Service Car Wash

- Drive into an empty bay:

Big self-service car wash stations usually have many bays to allow multiple users access to the service simultaneously. Locate a bay that's not in use and park properly. Parking properly is crucial because it would give you the freedom to wash your car easily when you start the time.

- Familiarize yourself with the car wash dials and locate the spray:

Most self-service car washes offer the basic wash, rinse, and soap service. Then get the spray.

- Ensure You Pay:

The service will only work when you pay, of course. So insert money into the machine and get washing. Your time starts reading as soon as you insert the money in. If the time runs out before you finish washing, you can always pay an extra charge. Although some self-service car washes accept credit card transactions, it is always better to come with change. You can check out car company reviews for the best self-service car wash near you.

Common Mistakes that People Make When Using Self-service Car Washes

1. Moving Slowly:

Understand that you are running on time. If you need a major car detailing job, then a self-service car wash is probably not the best place to go. Speed is of the essence, and it would help if you are already familiar with car washing. Even if you are not, you must be decisive about the services you require and get right to it. Unless, of course, if you have a lot of change to spare.

2. Coming Without Your Tools:

A self-service car wash should offer you the basic tools required to clean your car. But let's be realistic for a minute. They also give the same tools to just about every customer. Since the services run on a limited time, not every customer would wash the brush and mitt after use. If you use the same tools on your car, your car's paintwork would be sorry for it. You can shop online for the best car wash tools after having a look at Audew reviews.

3. Not Rinsing Properly:

Washing leaves soap scum and detergent residue on your car. Unwashed chemicals will dull your car's paint in the long run. Also, it is best not to allow the foam to dry before you rinse, lest you end up with watermarks. That's another reason why you need to work faster. You can reduce rinse time if you do so methodically. Don't be haphazard. Rinse your tires first, then rinse from the roof downwards.

You can do this by rinsing your vehicle tires first, then spraying downwards from the roof.

4. Using the Pre-soak:

It feels like all of the common mistakes people make when using self-service car washes revolve around poor time management. But it's not redundant. A pre-soak is just slow washing, and (it has to be stressed that) you don't have the luxury of time. Just get right to actual washing.

5. Washing With Jewelry:

Most people who use self-service car washes do so on their way to or from work, so they likely have jewelry on. But don't make this mistake. Keep jewelry like watches and wrist chains in your glove compartment so that you don't scratch your car. However, you can protect your car's paintwork if it is coated. Need coating services? You can browse online reviews for coats like Hail Protect.

6. Neglecting the Wheel Arches:

Your time may be limited, but you can make judicious use of it if you know the spots to focus on. Many concentrate only on their car's body, but a thorough car wash goes beyond washing what's in the public eye.

People would not go looking into your wheel arches, but you will wash them well if you want your wheels to last long. Mud accumulates in those arches, and with mud comes rust. So, spray your wheel arches too.

You could also spray your carpets if it is made of leather. If it is a mat, then you will need a vacuum for car detailing.

Self-service car washes do not offer exclusive services, but if you come prepared, you can effectively use the stipend that the service costs. Washing is good for your car, but you can damage your car if it is not properly washed. Your car will be better for it if you avoid these mistakes, and you'll enjoy the self-service.

By Mo