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Eating a balanced diet meal as a busy person can be difficult. Where eating junk food is not an option for consideration, with the many consequences of junk on the health, it is only important one looks for a restaurant to get good food. Cook unity offers food subscriptions to customers, is the food provided by the restaurant good enough for you to buy? You can know this when you read restaurant reviews on the company.

What Type of Restaurant is Cook Unity?

Cook unity is a United States-based restaurant that cooks and provides delivery services to its customer's doorsteps. The business headquarters is located at 630 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn. The business started in 2015 in a small kitchen in Brooklyn. The company now, years later, has over 50 chefs. The cook unity locations are now over 7 kitchens around the world.

The company has one of the country's largest cook collectives. One of the chef's testimony is he lives to feed people and make them happy. The company aims to empower skilled culinary artists and make it possible to serve their food to millions of people. Thereby creating a subtle connection between the eater and the farmer through the chefs. The chefs are equipped with fresh ingredients and up-to-grade kitchen equipment. The company encourages personal innovations in the kitchen. Chefs run the kitchen and can bring in new recipes to the company.

What are the Food and Food Delivery Services Offered by Cook Unity?

The company offers food of great nutrition and taste with over 350 recipes. The company allows customers to choose their preferred variety of meals from the Cook unity menu. The menu rotates weekly, increasing more variety of meals to the table of customers. You can also access a menu two weeks before choosing the desired diet.

A customer can decide on getting a few deliveries or more than a few deliveries to be made to them weekly. Food selection can be rescheduled, and subscriptions can be stopped at the customer's convenience. Food is delivered in recyclable packages with a note on the nutritional content and warming up instructions for food. Meals can be stored in the fridge for 4-7 days. The company ensures to protect the privacy of its customers.

Payment, Subscription, Return, and Refund Policy of Cook Unity

The company accepts payment from Visa, Master Card, American Express, and a few other online banking. Customers make a Cook Unity login to make payments for a subscription. Cook unity pricing depends on the type of weekly plan of a customer. Customers are charged for only the orders made in a week, with each charge done on every delivery day until the subscription is stopped. Modification of a subscription can be applied at any time.

The company does not refund for any payment done before cancellation or change of subscription. The company ensures to notify customers of any change in plan or price. In case of dissatisfaction with any meal, customers are expected to report to the company within 2 days and provide either a return or photo of such a meal. The company has a right to give a partial or full refund.

Reviews, Compliments, and Complaints about Cook Unity

Can you share Cook unity reviews with us? How did you find the taste and appearance of the meals? How do you define the appropriateness of the delivery time and the customer service? Do you want to continue your subscription with them? We want to know about your experience and feedback. Other buyers will easily make a purchase decision after reading your customer review.


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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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