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All over the world, meat seems to be a go-to ‘food’

. But do you know how harmful is modern meat? The cattle bred and chicken nurtured is highly harmful because they are fed a very high amount of antibiotics, growth hormones, and additives that are dangerous for us as well as the Earth. Eating the farmed chicken can also cause serious diseases. (source). Understanding that finding food that is good for us and the planet didn’t have to be this hard, Cooks Venture has built an alternative to America’s meat industry, to deliver great food from independent, regional farms. Our core values include a commitment to true transparency, and prioritizing the health of the land and the well-being of the workers. If you want to know the quality of Cook Ventures you can read customer reviews.

About Cooks Venture

The CEO & Founder of Cooks Venture is Matthew Wadiak whose mission is regenerative farming. It started on 800 acres of farmland in beautiful Northwest Arkansas when they began growing unique heritage chickens. They engaged with regional crop farmers to grow feed using regenerative farming practices while developing the chicken farm, hatchery, and processing plant to pave the way to a reimagined meat industry. From there, they began building relationships with cattle ranchers, pork farmers, and fishermen across the country. They help these people to implement their systems to build soil productivity, sequester carbon, and build biodiversity.

Products and Services of Cooks Venture
Cooks Venture o

ffers the best meat through more sane farming ways and environmentally rational agriculture. They offer CHICKEN, BEEF, PORK, LAMB, and SEAFOOD. All of them are grown with utmost care. So, the actual product they sell is a BOX. You choose your box and it is free shipped right at your doorstep - you can try their delicious recipes, or cook one of your own. You can choose what do you want in your box. You can order chick, beef, or anything mentioned above. You can even select which parts you need in your box - they send you what you needed in the best shape and flavours.

They claim to give a 100% comprehensive guarantee:

If your box isn’t delicious & perfectly packed, they make it right.

It took decades of breeding & husbandry to develop their special heirloom chicken breed - they are pasture-raised birds. They are Non-GMO Project Verified and got fed no antibiotics ever. Their livestock develops juicier meat that is deeply flavoured and more tender than that of conventional chicken because they air-chill their birds.

Their cattle, heritage pork, and lambs are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished

. They roam freely on pastures their entire lives, which supports a regenerative grazing cycle, restores grasslands, and sequesters carbon. These rotational ranching practices lead to better land management, healthier soil, and deeply flavoured meat.

Their wild-caught seafood is traceable back to a certified fisher. It's never frozen prior to processing. All seafood is processed by the same team in their certified facility - traceable seafood is critical to protect the earth’s natural supply.

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f yes, we strongly encourage you to share your experience and feedback with those around you on our website.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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