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Man cannot live in isolation. There's the need to move from one place to another; it might be interstate or intercountry, as the case may be, for different reasons. Although there are several means of transportation, most individuals prefer to travel by air; because of its obvious reasons as the fastest, as well as the non-negotiable ease and comfortability that comes with it. To satisfy the urge to fly with a safe and reliable agency, ReviewsBird gives the much-needed customer reviews on travel agencies—focus on CheapOair, so that potential customers will know almost everything about the company before deciding whether to book a flight with them or not.

About CheapOair

CheapOair is a travel agency company that was founded in the year 2005 in New York, USA. The company has more than 350 carriers as business partners, including but not limited to popular brands like American Airlines and JetBlue. CheapOair has access to countless hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and cruise lines in almost all the countries of the world to present their customers with several deals capable of accommodating their travel needs irrespective of the location.

Services Rendered By CheapOair And How To Book For Them

CheapOair is a travel agency that offers the following services: airlines, hotels, and car rentals—everything needed for a customer(s) to have a lovely trip/holiday, as the case may be. They have an application where users can book flights, hotel rooms, and even rent cars; clients who use their application also earn points that serve as a discount when making payments.

There's just one way to get tickets from CheapOair, and that's by making a booking online. Customers can choose between receiving an e-ticket that can only be accessed online or printing it out at an airport kiosk before departure. CheapOair serves as an intermediary between different top airlines, hotels, and customers. Therefore, customers are allowed to choose preferable airlines and hotels that suit not only their taste but also their pocket.

Payment and Refund Policy of CheapOair

The company accepts payment through debit card, bank transfer, and cheque, but they also have a CheapOair credit card which customers can use in making payments, with some added incentives. Customers are also allowed to book a flight and pay back in installments. That aside, there have been several questions ranging from if CheapOair is a legit company to how an individual can get tickets from this brand and whether they have a free cancellation program, among others. CheapOair is a legit company, but they currently do not offer a free cancellation program. All these points will further be bolstered in the next few paragraphs.

CheapOair Cancellation and Refund Policy

First and foremost, CheapOair requires payment for cancellation fees, either plane tickets or hotel rooms. Getting a refund on CheapOair is quite tricky; all discounted airline tickets are non-refundable. However, customers can cancel their bookings. They request a full refund if the initial payment isn't discounted just by reaching out to CheapOair customer service with the above details. CheapOair chat assist is available on both the CheapOair app and the website to provide answers or respond to queries posed by customers or potential customers.

Tips, Compliments, and Complaints About CheapOair

Have you ever booked a flight on CheapOair or used any of their services? How effective were they? What part of their services did you enjoy or detest? Kindly share your experience and feedback that'll serve as a guide to other potential customers who are hoping to use CheapOair services?

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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