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The earliest tyres or tires were manufactured with leather when the rims were of wood surrounded by iron or steel plate. The rubber tires were 1st manufactured in the laboratory. After the success of the lab experiment, industrial production was started because of their prolonged life and support in fuel efficiency. Tires are classified according to the vehicle they serve. Light-medium duty is for cars and vans, heavy-duty for trucks and buses, and others for aircraft and industrial vehicles. There are two further types of tires; pneumatic and non-pneumatic. Pneumatic tires are tubeless tires and are widely used because of their high performance. There are around 450 factories in the world that are manufacturing pneumatic tires of different size and material.

On the other hand, there is also a big market that trades in used tires. Used tires are also famous because of the increasing prices of brand new tires. Several companies sell tires with regular wear and tear, sufficient tread depth, and no visible external damage and cuts. The Best Used Tires or BestUsedTires is an online company that is indulged in selling tires that are still left with sufficient life. There are more than 50,000 different branded tires that are available at their warehouses. We have customer reviews and comments on our website regarding their products and services which might be sufficient for your purchase decision on tire replacement.

About the Best Used Tires

is a family-owned company started 15 years ago in the United States of America. They are buying used tires of different brands for selling to their customers. They inspect them twice. Initially when they receive tires from different sources and finally before selling to the end-users. After the 1st inspection, tires are stored in a climate-controlled environment to avoid hardening and any other change in the physical state. The Best Used Tires have three warehouses in three different estates of Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas.

Products and services provided by the

Best Used Tires
While surfing the BestUsedTires, you can find tires of your need by vehicle, by size, by type, by season and by performance. Some of the brands whose used tires are being sold on their website are; Yokohama, General, Dunlop, Primewell, MasterCraft, Bridgestone and many others. Among these brands, there are tires fit for all seasons, summers and winters. They are also selling blemished tires. Blemished tires are those that got rejected due to minor errors during production.

The Best Used Tires also have deals named as the blemished, top quality used, snow tires, clearance and best on the site. Their online help centre also provides information to check whether your existing tires need replacement or they are strong enough for further usage.

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Best Used Tires
BestUsedTires are keenly looking for advice from their customers. They have provided a separate page for customer reviews and ratings on their website. Their experienced customers leave comments and ratings after having been served. Have you purchased from theBestUsedTires before? You can leave your comments and feedback here on Your comments can help someone decide whether to buy brand new or used tires from BestUsedTires.

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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